Vicki U., Chassell, MI

When I asked about the trip to China in our session last fall, your words about the trip were that “we’d experienced some travel delays but we would get there “. The flight navigation system had to be replaced several times because it wouldn’t work, then we had to get a fresh crew because that took so long, finally we didn’t have enough fuel to take off. The flight was postponed to the next AM. Upon waiting the next day we had a hydraulic leak in the landing gear and lastly because our flight took off 27 hours late, airspace had to be negotiated with the Russians. Comforting to say the least while sitting on the hot tarmac all day! Somewhere in the midst of the chaos when I was trying to decide if I should bail, I remembered your words and took great comfort in them and was able to relax knowing we’d be fine. We also had several minor delays during the trip but nothing that bad. I also want to let you know that the other information you and the angels have provided really helped me to climb out of the depths of despair after my divorce, brush myself off and begin to believe that I can have an absolutely wonderful life and take steps to prepare for it on all levels. The choice for a better life has always been mine to make…I just didn’t believe I was worthy. I’m just sorry it took 46 years to figure that out. If your predictions on my Mr. Wonderful whose presence is due to arrive in my life in the next 6 months or so turns out to be just as accurate, I will be eternally grateful! Fingers crossed!