P.M., Billings, MT

My friend, Rita, and I, both had readings with you. You told her that after 35 years of being single that she would be marrying and exactly what would happen. It did all happen the way you described. There was one thing that didn’t seem to fit. You told her that she would continue to work, giving speeches. Neither of us believed that would happen. As it turns out, the man she is now engaged to gives speeches all over the state of Wyoming. She will be going with him. You also told Rita: Her Mr. Wonderful was a widower; retired; once they met they would never be apart again; they would be engaged within a month and a half; he would tell her she has pretty eyes; he would refer to his deceased wife in an endearing way; he would like rubbing her shoulders. All true. Pretty amazing! You are very accurate and we love you!