Laura B., Norfolk, VA

Thank you so very much – for your wonderfully brave transparency, insightfulness, light, and pure joy you put into your books, teaching, and channeling! You are such a blessing to me and to the world. Our session was simply amazing and I deeply appreciate you giving so much of yourself and your Divine abilities in our time together. I cannot fully explain how incredibly healing, educational, reassuring, and motivational our session was – my mind and heart are still reeling in the joy and my channeling has changed in just a few days’ time. There is a deeper richness and new trust and belief building (or rebuilding) in me that I remember once having, but thought had been lost and was literally grieving for. This grief had manifested itself in all sorts of scary health issues, limiting fear beliefs, and habits that seeped into my relationships, my motivation for my soul purpose, and just about every area of my life. I am a longtime activist, reiki practitioner, meditator, holistic healer, eft practitioner, and started exploring hypnotherapy last year. These standby practices for me just weren’t working to the degree they previously had in my life and I had been feeling very lost and defeated. So much so, that I had actually grown angry and resentful of my very clear calling to be an activist and healer again in this lifetime. After working at it for 20 plus years, last year I hit a wall and couldn’t bear the struggle any longer. I “found” or was lead to your books a couple of years ago and they were a lifeline and a wake-up call. I read and reread one after the other as my spiritual amnesia started dissolving piece by piece. I really felt trapped in this swirl of anger, defeat, and exhaustion and my soul needed the balm of your seemingly simple (in that your and the Angels instructions are very easy to follow if we simply get out of our own way) yet deeply profound and reassuring direction back to my Divine connection and purpose. I had completely lost my joy and excitement of growing to the next spiritual level and belief in Divine possibility. It had been washed away by years of defeat, persecution, and exhaustion from trying to make a bigger difference for suffering animals and people. Your words and you walking your talk through your books, classes, and channeling sessions have renewed an invaluable hope in me that I didn’t think was possible. I am actually feeling joy again in my soul’s purpose in moving forward. Our session helped me to look at my life issues in a much bigger way and provided phenomenal clarity for events in this and past lifetimes – including lifelong health issues and a fear of being alone and going to sleep at night. The past life information you and my angels provided gives me such relief and clarity – amazing after carting this around for 40 plus years! That kind of fear just takes over and grips onto every area of your life and it’s difficult to describe this greater level of understanding that I now have, thanks to you. It’s like a whole new door has opened in my mind, allowing me the opportunity to be free of these fears (and all the ways they manifest) by having a stronger, more constant connection with my angels and the whole Divine realm. I really cannot more strongly recommend anyone having a session with you or attending one of your classes. It will be one of the greatest blessings and opportunities to ever have. Your class was like a homecoming that reawakened so much good in me. I have learned that it all comes down to some level of disconnect with the Divine in our lives. You are gifted with providing the ultimate healing by reconnecting us and teaching and reminding us how to connect with the Divine – in every area of our lives – and that our angels are always there and it’s as simple as giving them some time and space with us. I can’t think of anything more healing or reassuring than this, or a more wonderfully kind, joyful, and generous soul than you to share this with us all.