L.V.L, Houston, TX

IT HAPPENED! IT REALLY HAPPENED! I was Xeroxing a sheet of paper at the Post Office and the top lid slammed down on my left upper hand. It made quite a heavy sound. The bones hurt and there was a small cut. I looked at it and immediately “received” the idea that this was the time to practice healing on myself. Looking at my hand and sort of “listening,” I decided, “Why not?” So I held my right hand over the bones and cut, and murmured the mantra I try to say inwardly all the time. I did that for at least 60 seconds or so, and then more after I got in my car. After picking up a TV dinner at Whole Foods, I looked at my hand and realized it didn’t hurt. Later that day, the small wound was almost closed. Because I have leukemia, usually when something like that happens to my physical body it takes a long time to heal. I believe you are RIGHT! I feel like I have just passed the first exam of “Healing 101” from you! I have now read your book and have learned much and many questions answered. Thank you for writing it so honestly and completely. I am looking forward to your seminar this Saturday.