K.B., Phoenix, AZ

When I had my session with you last year, I was initially shocked by what you told me. I truly believed that Mark was my soul mate and that he was “the one.” However, after the reading, I had to admit that there had always been a nagging little suspicion inside of me that I had been trying to ignore. You confirmed everything I had been trying to deny. The day of our session, I mustered the courage to confront Mark and he admitted that he was seeing another woman! You may not remember this, but you told me he was having an affair with someone he worked with, and you even described her to a tee. I was heartbroken that he had been deceiving me and I broke off the relationship. I was pretty lonely for a while, but then, as you also predicted, I met a wonderful man. I wanted you to know that we’ve just gotten engaged. I’ve never been happier! Thank you for being so honest during our reading and sharing information that I needed to hear. Now when I hear that little voice inside of me, I listen!