Ely B., Marble Falls, TX

It’s been about four years since I was at Barnes and Noble with one of my daughters. Something made me look at a book in Spanish about angels written by you. I felt the book was talking to me. I bought it, and I would read the book every day during my break at work. I did not wanted to finish reading your book, I enjoyed every second of it. I remember many times saying to myself. “It would be so nice if I could be in one of these angels conferences” with her. Every time I thought about it, it felt like someone was talking to me saying “you will!” Months went by, and one day I was invited to an Annual Conference in Miami. I immediately say “yes” without knowing more details. Well, my story is a perfect example on how angels are so real. They brought me to you, Kim. When I heard you talking at that conference I did not know you were the author of my book. I heard your voice, your words, your beautiful enthusiasm and optimism, and I thought to myself, “I know this person”. You finished your talk and I immediately rushed to tell you all the wonderful things I felt about you while you were talking. I was waiting in the line for my turn to talk to you, and I started looking at the display of books on the table when suddenly I saw the same book I had at home. I jumped, screamed, and I could not stop saying to myself “it’s her, it’s her, my angels brought me here to learn from her”. You see, Kim, the whole time I was listening to you I felt as though a higher power had connected us. All these years it has been an honor learning from you. I thank God for choosing you to teach us how to talk to our angels. Thank you for teaching me how to listen and talk to my angels. I have read all your books. Through your words, angels speak to us.