Darlene M., Nova Scotia, Canada

I just finished reading your book “How To Talk With Your Angels”. I related so closely to many things in your book. In some cases brought me to tears. Four years ago this August, I lost my husband to a cancerous brain tumor. We were definitely soul mates and best friends. I was lost. I have wonderful friends and am close with my adult children, but felt so alone. After his death my life took a very guided path. I didn’t realize it at the time, but everything started falling into place like a jigsaw puzzle.So many unexplained things started happening. For several months, my husbands scent of his deodorant would linger in my home. I know now I had many Angelic experiences. One experience actually saved me from myself. I had a particular night, when I didn’t care if I lived. My room became so active with movement and it didn’t matter, where in my home I went, it stayed with me. I had a psychic reading not long after and was told it was my angels protecting me. I can relate so many things. I’m not a reader, Kim, but when I went to the bookstore, I was guided to the Spiritual section and it was your book I was directed to take. I am very intuitive and I very rarely ever go against my instincts. I related to you and this book. I can’t believe the connection I felt with you. It’s hard to explain to you in words. It was so overwhelming, here I am writing to you. I can’t explain that either. I live in another part of this world, so far from you. I’m not sure why Kim, but I needed you to know how your book affected me. It explained things to me, things I’ve known for awhile but were confirmed by your writings. Thank you for this wonderful read. I look forward to more. Bless you.