September 2017 – Ask Kim Column

Dear Kim:  I have been trying to manifest a home of my own. I am so tired of renting. I recently had a dream in which I “saw” myself buying a home in the French Alps. The landscape was covered with snow. Although I bought the home in the dream, it wasn’t for me to live in. Then, I had another dream where I bought a second home but it wasn’t for me to live in. What are my angels trying to tell me? That I’ll never have a home of my own? And, I like warm weather and would never want to live in a snowy, mountainous area.
Alberta W., 31, Ft. Myers, FL

Dear Alberta: Your angels tell me that this year your goal is to pay off credit card debt and then save for a down payment for your own home. That is a perfect plan! However, your real estate adventures will not stop there. In addition to your existing goal of buying your own home, the homes in your dreams represent rental properties that you will buy (after you acquire your own home) that will make very profitable income streams for you. The reason you “saw” them in the French Alps, a locale that you would never consider, was to prompt you to look for rental properties outside of your existing comfort zone, which has always been centered in the Ft. Myers area. Start an online exploration of other eastern coastal cities in the US. That way, when you are financially ready, you will have already done your real estate homework. Your destiny involves owning your own home as well as a number of rental properties. That’s why you feel the goal of owning property getting stronger and more intense every day.


Dear Kim:  I am married to a wonderful woman who I love dearly. We have a good sex life, but recently, I have been fantasizing about having sex with men. When I was younger I used to fantasize about men, but always knew I’d end up married to a woman. When I was in college I had several sexual experiences with men, but they were casual in nature and I chalked it up to natural curiosity. Why are these fantasies becoming so consuming? It’s gotten very distracting. I’d appreciate any insight my angels might have.
Wayne F., 44, Philadelphia, PA

Dear Wayne:  Your angels are not therapists or healthcare providers but they do have an angelic perspective. Having a sexual desire for the same sex is more common than many folks imagine. Your angels tell me that part of this issue is connected with the stress and duplicity involved in hiding this desire from your wife because you feel that she would not understand or endorse your attraction to men. (And that she would be MOST uncomfortable and repelled even hearing about it.) Your angels also tell me that you are extremely honorable and would not find it exciting (to say the least) to carry on affairs with other men and try to hide them from your wife by lying to her. It is important for you to understand why these desires have become so strong at this time in your life. Your angels strongly recommend traditional therapy, with a therapist who is nonjudgmental about same sex interactions, on your own at first rather than with your wife, to help shed light on the inner conflict that is expressing itself in a sexual nature.


Dear Kim:  When I’m at work (in a job I’ve outgrown, by the way), I have these random vivid creative thoughts and ideas that keep popping into my mind…like little pictures and words. It doesn’t happen at any other time except when I’m at my desk. Should I be writing them down or sketching them? Is it just my imagination expressing boredom because my career is so tedious? Please help me!
Benita C., 57, Anchorage, AK  

Dear Benita: There is nothing random about what is happening! Your soul and your angels are trying to convey – through the images and the words – that it is time to launch into your life’s work, which is developing graphic novels for young adults. The creative thoughts come to you at work because that is where you need inspiration most, correct? So, have a sketch pad handy to record what you “see” in your mind’s eye and also jot down the words you hear that coincide with the pictures. Soon, you’ll have your first manuscript. You would find it helpful to go online and check out existing YA (young adult) graphic novels so you get a clearer vision of where you’re headed. Of course, your work will be different from anything else out there, but in a glance, you’ll get the picture. (No pun intended!)