Della B., Houston, TX

You channeled my guides last Wednesday. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You changed my life, got it headed in the right direction. It must be very fulfilling that you can help so many people in such a positive way. That is my goal in life as well, to help those in this lifetime become better people.

B. A., Toronto, Canada

You did a reading for me a few weeks ago. First of all I want to thank you for being so honest. You were spot on about what you said about my ex-boyfriend and the type of person he is. I was amazed because all I gave you was his name and I didn’t mention anything else. You confirmed things that I had a feeling were true, but had no concrete proof other than the text that I found from another girl; however he tried to explain that there was nothing to that text. I have been giving your website to people I know so that they too can have a wonderful and enlightening experience as I did.

Irina Y., Moscow, Russia

The CD from our most recent session has just been delivered to me in Moscow. Thank you! I treasure the opportunities to have a channeling session with you and always feel inspired by your insight and vibrant energy.

Dr. S. R. – Acupuncture Physician Navarre, Florida

Kim, you did a reading for me in 1993. I was a nurse taking care of AIDS patients in Houston, on my way to the International AIDS conference in Berlin.

K.R., St. Pete’s Beach, FL

I wish that I could fully express to you how my reading with you has changed my life and given me will to live. God Bless You, Kim!

Brenda R., Houston, TX

As you predicted, it’s time for the gallbladder to come out. Thankfully you clued me in on our last session about my gallbladder because the doctors kept saying I had acid reflux and then IBS and I kept persisting they look further and sure enough, it was the gallbladder causing all my issues.

K.N., Houston, TX

There’s no words to describe how grateful I am to your guidance; sometimes the rush of new life events can get to one, and more often than not people succumb to the anxiety and fear of the unknown. Wise words can calm the heart and soul. At the time that we talked, my hubby was still a potential Mr.Wonderful and had yet to prove himself to me. Not long after, the more I got to know him, the more I come to love him. I have never thought it is possible for me to love someone that much. I owe you a heartfelt thank you. I believe the two most important things are one’s life work, and one’s soul mate. You gave me direction with both two of them. Thank you for being here on Earth.

Kim O’Neill, Psychic Medium Extraordinaire, by Elisa Medhus. M.D.(From the blog Channeling Erik)

This post comes from reader demand. Many of you want to know more about Kim, the psychic who channels Erik for me. She’s been on radio and TV shows. She’s helped local law enforcement and the F.B.I. solve many cases. She’s written several wonderful books. Most important, she’s a delightful, upbeat spirit with a big heart. I’ve known Kim for many years. She’s performed readings for us, and the information has proven to be uncannily accurate and helpful. Let me give you several examples:

When I was pregnant with my fourth child who is now seventeen, I asked Kim what sex it’d be and if it would have any birth defects. She predicted the baby would be a male and that he’d be born with the use of vacuum forceps. She also said he’d have a small brown spot on his left wrist. All of these are completely true. Lukas’s birth went just as she predicted 17 years ago, and he still has a half inch pigmented spot on his left wrist. How much more specific can you get?

My husband, Rune, is a pilot, and we had our own plane for several years. In one reading, she warned him about a pinpoint leak in one of the fuel tanks. He dismissed this as incorrect, because you just don’t get pinpoint holes in an aluminum fuel tank. He figured she was having an off day. But lo and behold, after the plane underwent its regular inspection and maintenance, the mechanic called Rune and told him, “You have a pinpoint leak in your reserve fuel bladder.” Rune thought Kim was referring to the main fuel tanks; he hadn’t even thought about the reserve ones.
When I was pregnant with my fifth child, I again asked Kim what the sex would be and how the birth would go. She told me I would have a girl, but the birth would be a few weeks early because of a problem with my blood. I asked her for clarification, and she told me they’d have to take the baby by c-section because my white blood cell count would be elevated. Indeed, my little girl, Annika, now 15 years old, was born by emergency c-section a few weeks early, because I had developed an acute appendicitis. My white cell count was through the roof!

My husband is Norwegian, so we try to visit his family at least once a year. In one reading, Kim told me that while driving in the countryside in Norway, we would come across a motor vehicle accident at an intersection. A young girl would be seriously injured; I would help to stabilize her (I’m a physician plus I’ve stayed at Holiday Inn Express) and my family would be looking on in awe as I worked feverishly until the ambulance arrived. My first thoughts were, “We never ride around in the country in Norway. We just hang out at relative’s houses,” and “There are more moose than vehicles in Norway; what’s the chance of two cars crashing at an intersection?” Again, I was skeptical about her accuracy on this particular prediction. Nevertheless, a couple of years later, we did indeed go for a drive in the country, we did come across an accident, there was a young girl who was lying on the pavement, I did diagnose her as having a ruptured spleen and stabilized her until the paramedics arrived, and my family was hovering over me with wide-eyed stares and mouths agape. For the first time, they saw me as a competent physician rather than an often forgetful, clumsy and easily distracted mom. When we all got back into the car, my husband asked me if I realized what had just happened. After giving him a puzzled look, he reminded me of Kim’s prediction. It sent shivers down my spine.

S. T., Arlington, VA

Got my citizenship last Tuesday – exactly as you predicted!!! I wish everything could work this way – everything was very smooth at the interview and ceremony. Thank you so much!

Lia E., Chicago, IL

Thank you soooooo much for your wonderful reading yesterday. You were so on target with the descriptions of my two managers, I could not believe it! I also loved your positive, uplifting energy and clarity in bringing in the information. My session with you has given me a different perspective and the courage to move into my life’s work.

Sandra A., Miami, FL

First of all, thank you so much for the fabulous reading last Friday! I love your directness and humor. I’ve been diligently doing all my “homework” and my angels are working over-time trying to keep up with all my prayers asking for help and guidance. I can just see them saying…ai ai ai, it’s her again!!!

Marilyn S., Salem, Ohio

Thank you so much for answering a question in your column a few months ago for me. I inquired about a man that I had been dating and you advised that this man was immature and that I would not only be raising his young daughters but, also, him. I cannot tell you how right that you were! I have since ended the relationship as his immature behavior was draining me, plus the fact that he allows his overbearing mother to run his life. I am now on a dating site and, although I do not know if I’ll find my “Mr. Wonderful” there, I am testing the waters. I know what I want and I will not settle. I know that my angels are guiding me along the journey of life and I have learned many valuable lessons in the process. Thank you, Kim, you were correct. I will keep my fingers crossed that the angels push Mr. Wonderful a little closer.

Nandy N., Ontario, Canada

Thank you for the amazing reading today, everything was so right on, fitting the personalities and making so much sense. I look forward to listening to the recording as there was so much I keep recalling. You’ve helped to put my life into perspective.

Sasha P., Claymont, DE

I discovered Kim on an Edgar Cayce website and immediately purchased her book. Because of the connection I felt with her through her book, I signed up for a group session on a Psychic Saturday. WOW–what a gift. It is through her gifts, talents, and abilities I receive confirmation on a critical issue in my life and received news on a new topic that brought peace to my heart.

T. Schuler, Scottsdale, AZ

After reading Kim O’Neill’s books and being greatly moved and inspired by them I decided to visit her website. I signed up for her newsletter and am so glad that I did! I read her many insightful responses to her readers’ inquiries and found them so inspiring that I decided to contact Kim with a question of my own. I was at a crossroads as so many of us find ourselves to be in the present time, and I was looking for verification of my inner guidance prompting a significant life change. I have never consulted a psychic and am a very self-directed individual. The response I received from Kim was amazing. Kim verified what I thought my life purpose was and expanded upon the direction it would take. After reading her response I decided to book a personal consultation with Kim and was delighted at the information she provided. I have also attended a Saturday with Kim webinar and was again amazed at the loving support and guidance she provided those attending. If you have the opportunity to work with Kim either by attending her Saturday events or by booking a personal consultation take it, it will change your life!

Kay W., Phoenix, AZ

Kim is an excellent personal growth facilitator, psychic, and clear channel for specific information. I’ve had several sessions with her over the years and found each one to be revealing and the information to be amazingly consistent and accurate. I especially love that she records the sessions so I can go back and verify specifics for action to be taken for forward movement in my life.

Carolyn L., Portland, OR

Dearest Kim: You are such an inspiration. I have told so many people about you and you touch people with such goodness and light. Your book and you have been such a turning point for me. I am forever grateful for you. I am in lots of spiritual paths and have had lots of white light experiences and know we are all light. Thank you for your light and purity of heart. You are such an angel to the world.

Jean Maurie, Angels Monday Blog Radio

Thank you so much for taking your time to be a guest on our Angels Monday radio show. We had a lot of people listening. It was such a joy and a privilege to listen to all your wonderful wisdom about talking to our angels and how to channel. I am looking forward to learning about your online classes too. I am sure they will be wonderful and informative. Listening to your joy when you channel is so uplifting. You have such passion when you give messages. I am sure your clients and listeners are so inspired from your channeling and messages. I hope we can have you back on the show again in a few months. We would be so honored.

Tammy S., Pasadena, TX

When I lost my Siamese cat of 19 years, I was heartbroken and devastated. I turned to Kim for help in dealing with my loss. She told me that “Bandit” was well and on the other side. This elated me. She said she is ready to come back home. I’ll know when she has returned because my new “friend” will have a lot of her character. I still miss Bandit deeply. Thank you, Kim, for helping me with my loss.

Hemant V., Houston, TX

Thanks for all you do for everyone on this planet. I’ve so much more clarity in life after sessions with you and has helped me to grow spiritually. I could only image how much better things are for all others.

Leon K., Houston, TX

I think of you often since I credit you for bringing my awareness to being in service to Humanity as a healer and teacher. Just reaching out to say Thank you. Peace and love be with you.

Nona G., Houston, TX

A year and a half ago you told me my divorce would be rough and to fasten my seat belt. Thank you for answering my question in your “Ask Kim” newsletter. It brings me much peace and even though I have tried to maintain calm and composure – I have been in emotional turmoil for a while. I think I am finally in a place where calm is being “reclaimed” and you answering my questions brings greater peace, calmness, and “centeredness”. I am now full-force working on my consulting business and writing my book… my focus is finally on me for a change. Lots of love to you, and many, many thanks.

Miyuki D., Seattle, WA

I’ve known Kim since 2007. First I read Kim’s book “How to Talk With Your Angels”. Her book inspired me and I become an angel believer. I also sensed her genuine motivation to help people and love for it. So I took my first Teleseminars held on the web in 2009. In 2010, I attended Intensive Boot Camp “How to Communicate with Angels” in Houston, TX. It was a terrific learning experience. I remember I could not get angels off my mind and couldn’t wait to start channeling with them at home. I love the way Kim talks and how she tells her incredible stories with great sense of humor. Kim is not only a great instructor but also an entertainer at the same time. Back then, I had a feeling of “a calling to be a Healer” but did not know how/where to start. By listening to Kim’s teleseminars and attending the Angel Boot Camp, plus two private angel reading sessions in following two years, I was able to confirm my mission and follow the steps under the guidance of angels. Kim helped me to jump-start my life work/mission with her heartfelt support in the past several years by connecting to my guardian angels. She helped me learn how to connect with angels on my own. As a result, I was able to launch my Holistic Healing business this fall and I am so grateful. I could not have done it without Kim’s terrific professional support. Kim is an earth angel, working hard every day to make difference on this earth plane with a passion. Kim, I thank you, thank you, and thank you.

Ely B., Marble Falls, TX

It’s been about four years since I was at Barnes and Noble with one of my daughters. Something made me look at a book in Spanish about angels written by you. I felt the book was talking to me. I bought it, and I would read the book every day during my break at work. I did not wanted to finish reading your book, I enjoyed every second of it. I remember many times saying to myself. “It would be so nice if I could be in one of these angels conferences” with her. Every time I thought about it, it felt like someone was talking to me saying “you will!” Months went by, and one day I was invited to an Annual Conference in Miami. I immediately say “yes” without knowing more details. Well, my story is a perfect example on how angels are so real. They brought me to you, Kim. When I heard you talking at that conference I did not know you were the author of my book. I heard your voice, your words, your beautiful enthusiasm and optimism, and I thought to myself, “I know this person”. You finished your talk and I immediately rushed to tell you all the wonderful things I felt about you while you were talking. I was waiting in the line for my turn to talk to you, and I started looking at the display of books on the table when suddenly I saw the same book I had at home. I jumped, screamed, and I could not stop saying to myself “it’s her, it’s her, my angels brought me here to learn from her”. You see, Kim, the whole time I was listening to you I felt as though a higher power had connected us. All these years it has been an honor learning from you. I thank God for choosing you to teach us how to talk to our angels. Thank you for teaching me how to listen and talk to my angels. I have read all your books. Through your words, angels speak to us.

Tina S., Scottsdale, AZ

Listening to your show on Angel Monday! So much fun and what wonderful messages you relayed to callers. From all of us, thank you for what you do!

Debbie E., Greenbush, VA

Just finished your book today! Wow! I read it in a short time, actually couldn’t wait to get home to read it each day after work. I didn’t want it to end…so much information about angels! I have always said it would be so much easier if our angels would just appear to us and lead us on our way. Why else would God assign them to us? Thank you for the opportunity to read about your life, I could relate! BUNCHES OF BLESSINGS!

A.W., TX

The pain that accompanies grief takes you to places of pure despair, loneliness, and hopelessness. I think that God knows this, and in his mercy, sends us people like you. I believe that all of us on earth are working on our souls’ plan. To some, the plan is clear, and to others, the journey is hazy. I wanted to let you know that your help and support is helping me with my search.

M.F., Istanbul, Turkey

My wife and I recently had a channeling session with you and we found it most informative. In fact, when we returned to Istanbul, we discovered that the specific information you shared about my father’s activities during World War II was absolutely accurate; and what’s more, we were able to find the hidden documents you discussed that verified all the information! We look forward to another session soon.

G.M., New York, NY

Some time ago, you gave me and several of my friends telephone readings which we enjoyed very much. You predicted a lot of writing/composing for me and I just released a CD of spiritual songs! May God bless you always!

L.G., Atlanta, GA

I feel I did not adequately thank you for the reading we had on February 3rd. I was having difficulty accepting what my angels say is my life’s work. However, upon reflection it is beginning to make a lot of sense and it’s something I’m excited to pursue. And thank you for the information you shared for my son. For me, it sure fit the pieces of his life together and gave me an understanding of some of his life’s decisions and the confusion he has faced. So many thanks for the fascinating and informative hour in which my angels helped to clarify my future direction.

P.M., Los Angeles, CA

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our last session. Your uplifting voice and positive attitude always make me feel like I can take on the world. My dreams never seem to be out of reach after speaking with you. And I wanted you to know that I followed up on some advice from my angels we were able to acquire refinancing at a lower rate that is saving us quite a bit of money! Thank you!

D.G., Indianapolis, IN

I just read your Ask Kim column and am still shaking inside with the news. I just want to thank you, Kim, for printing the question that I asked you. You have no idea what a peace of mind that gave me. Knowing that I’m making the right decision is worth everything to me right now, especially because of my children.

W.K., Houston, TX

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that I am doing the yeast cleanse and I am starting to feel better (finally). Thanks so much for that—I would have never found it on my own.

A.N.B., Kuwait City, Kuwait

We have just been liberated from the occupation, and my family and I are so relieved we cannot put it into words. As you said, we did not lose our home or our family business, and more importantly, we all remained safe during all the fighting. Having your homeland invaded and not knowing what was going to happen put everyone here into a state of panic as you can imagine. We are so grateful that we had you to forecast what we could expect to experience in such uncertain times. My family send their heartfelt thanks and regards to you, and we fervently hope that the rest of this decade leading to the millennium is a journey toward peace and security in the Middle East and elsewhere.

K.B., Phoenix, AZ

When I had my session with you last year, I was initially shocked by what you told me. I truly believed that Mark was my soul mate and that he was “the one.” However, after the reading, I had to admit that there had always been a nagging little suspicion inside of me that I had been trying to ignore. You confirmed everything I had been trying to deny. The day of our session, I mustered the courage to confront Mark and he admitted that he was seeing another woman! You may not remember this, but you told me he was having an affair with someone he worked with, and you even described her to a tee. I was heartbroken that he had been deceiving me and I broke off the relationship. I was pretty lonely for a while, but then, as you also predicted, I met a wonderful man. I wanted you to know that we’ve just gotten engaged. I’ve never been happier! Thank you for being so honest during our reading and sharing information that I needed to hear. Now when I hear that little voice inside of me, I listen!

A.C., Los Angeles, CA

I don’t know if anyone ever provides feedback from their readings with you, but I wanted to share my experience. Just as you predicted, my business partner walked away with several of our largest accounts. Instead of being devastated, I was prepared because of the information you shared during our channeling session several months ago. And as you suggested, I had started to save money so that after his departure, I had enough to carry me for a little while. As you predicted, I had nothing to fear because within three weeks, all of the clients my partner had taken with him contacted me and asked if I would be willing to work with them again. I look forward to another session with you—the last one was an absolute lifesaver!

C.S., Baghdad, Iraq

My adventure here in Iraq is a real heap over the top of adventures for me. Our session yesterday was needed so much. It’s important for all to know, that when your guides have information for you, they’ll get it to you if you give them the opportunity. For over 7 years you have helped me with some major moves and changes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kim, I know my wild adventures are far from over, so I look foward to many more sessions with you and my wonderful guides in the future.

C.M., Deer Park, TX

I was at your seminar last night—the one about Karma. It was most enlightening. You told me that patience and tolerance were part of my issues; boy, did that hit home. I think my guides tease me a lot trying to get me to lighten up sometimes. It just makes me chuckle that they would tell you that last night. Thanks again for all you do, and you made my night knowing I can finally go back home. I thought the woman sitting next to me was going to slap me when I got excited about leaving Texas. I hate to say this but I feel as though I just got my “get out of jail free” card! God bless you!

Rocky D., Crown Point, IN

I have wanted to tell you that almost everything you said in my channeling session has come true. It blows me away! I just wanted to give you an update. You said my investors will come through my door. And, by GOD, my angels were correct, she literally walked through the door! We are working out the details and finances. The other company you told me was “snake bit” and to stay away from it. You and my angels were soooo right! They are having some very difficult times. They are going to be embroiled in several law suits! I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU. And, especially a big thank you to my angels for guiding me to you. I am excited about your next book and we are waiting anxiously for it.

Todd T., Houston, TX

I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful reading that you gave me last Friday. The reading was like no other that I have ever had. I am open to the process and moving down the path. By the way, I am not a person who often remembers dreams. However, since my reading, I have had three consecutive nights (each night since my reading) in which I have remembered some dreams. All of the dreams dealt with spirituality or channelling. I guess my guides and angels are with me (and screaming to get through!)

Holly S., Austin, TX

I recently wrote to you asking for advice about my three-year-old. I just wanted to write to say that your advice was right on the money. You truly have a gift, and I just wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work. You have helped a first-time single mom. Thank you!

Rachael C., Houston, TX

I just want to let you know that since having my reading with you and getting confirmation that I should go ahead with my ambitions to start my own gift basket and natural bath and body product business, I finally did it! Thank you so much for your help with contacting my Angels and giving me the courage and direction to give this a go!

N.A., Tel Aviv, Israel

I just finished reading your wonderful book “How to Talk With Your Angels”. I found many things that are familiar to me, I was fascinated. I also experience many times how wishes do come true when you say them out loud. I always thought it was because my mother taught us to be careful with what we ask for because there is always an angel listening and waiting to fulfill our wishes. Your book was, for me, yet another evidence that it really does exist.

Toru M., San Diego, CA

I just wanted to say how grateful I am for the session that we had last week. It was definitely a life changing experience, and I see things in a very different way now. What my angels told me gave me so much more confidence and made me realize that I have so much more potential than I thought I had.

Pam S., Houston, TX

I have just finished reading your book and loved it. It really explains a lot of what has happened to me all my life and how everything has fit together to make me who I am now! I have opened my mind and accepted my guardian angels, and you know what? I am now going to pursue my second career in nursing. When I was a small girl, my future career was going to be a nurse, then in college I got sidetracked and took a totally different career path Lately I have been “nudged” into checking back into a nursing program. Your exercises in the book about acknowledging your angels and opening up your souls databank seems to confirm where I need to go. I also have to tell you that my family (mother, father, sisters) all experience deja vu, and telepathic thoughts (sudden urge to call each other) and weird things happening in the household (my mom’s home and sometimes mine at certain times). Mom recently had a dream about deceased grandma coming to her and asking her how was her faith? And also how are the children’s faith? This happened about the same time I purchased your book (coincidence?). Anyway, I just want to share that with you! I do believe we are souls from heaven coming down to Earth boot camp.

E.M.H., Houston, TX

I was having lunch with some old girlfriends today and as we were playing catch up, I mentioned to them that everything you said to me years ago had come true. After 13 years of being single, I married a well-known doctor with strong political ties who is absolutely crazy about me (and visa versa). This past year we bought a second home in Manhattan (you said that I would have a house up north and I scoffed!) Life is exceptional…he was well worth the wait…as you had said!

P.M., Billings, MT

My friend, Rita, and I, both had readings with you. You told her that after 35 years of being single that she would be marrying and exactly what would happen. It did all happen the way you described. There was one thing that didn’t seem to fit. You told her that she would continue to work, giving speeches. Neither of us believed that would happen. As it turns out, the man she is now engaged to gives speeches all over the state of Wyoming. She will be going with him. You also told Rita: Her Mr. Wonderful was a widower; retired; once they met they would never be apart again; they would be engaged within a month and a half; he would tell her she has pretty eyes; he would refer to his deceased wife in an endearing way; he would like rubbing her shoulders. All true. Pretty amazing! You are very accurate and we love you!

Cyndie J, NJ

I wanted to tell you I have been listening to your tape of your reading for me. You “nailed” my “buddy” Eugene. If you were shooting darts you would have a bulls eye. It is amazing how detailed and accurate you are. You have to be channeling because how else would you have known any of this. I am so eager about my Mr. Wonderful that I can concentrate on learning patience. I have been having this as an issue for years and years. I think I am getting better at it finally. You really helped reduce my anxiety about finances and growing old alone. I can now relax about hanging out with Eugene. He helps with the loneliness. I love your personality. You are a delight. You have give me hope for my future. I don’t know how to thank you enough.

L.V.L, Houston, TX

IT HAPPENED! IT REALLY HAPPENED! I was Xeroxing a sheet of paper at the Post Office and the top lid slammed down on my left upper hand. It made quite a heavy sound. The bones hurt and there was a small cut. I looked at it and immediately “received” the idea that this was the time to practice healing on myself. Looking at my hand and sort of “listening,” I decided, “Why not?” So I held my right hand over the bones and cut, and murmured the mantra I try to say inwardly all the time. I did that for at least 60 seconds or so, and then more after I got in my car. After picking up a TV dinner at Whole Foods, I looked at my hand and realized it didn’t hurt. Later that day, the small wound was almost closed. Because I have leukemia, usually when something like that happens to my physical body it takes a long time to heal. I believe you are RIGHT! I feel like I have just passed the first exam of “Healing 101” from you! I have now read your book and have learned much and many questions answered. Thank you for writing it so honestly and completely. I am looking forward to your seminar this Saturday.

S.D., Houston, TX

I just wanted to write you and tell you Thank You for my reading. There was no doubt that my brother came through loud and clear and I appreciate your candor and honesty. I have passed these special messages from Steve along to my family, and especially my mother, and I feel like it was what they needed to hear to comfort them. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift!

M.D., Houston, TX

I really learned to channel from you. I had tried to channel before I met you, but I essentially got nowhere until I attended your seminars. Not to mention I occasionally wonder where I’d be, where I’d be working, and how my life would be if I had never met you…because I feel you’ve been such a major help.

E. H., Houston, TX

In July, I had a session with you, and you warned me of the possibility of muggings in the parking garage where I work. In response to that information, I asked our Security Director to send out a bulletin to the employees, reminding them of the need to be aware of who is “around” when they are in the parking garages, and, amazingly, you even described the person who would commit these crimes. Sure enough – a videocamera captured the person on tape, and it was the very same person you had described for me! At that time, this individual was burglarizing vehicles only, but you assured me that he would become bolder and more aggressive. Thankfully, no one was injured or assaulted, due to your “warning” we were able to increase the presence of Security in the garage.

G.C., Charlotte, NC

This note is a Thank You for the reading you gave me. I can only say that very early on after the reading, all those events you channeled began to occur. I don’t know if a simple thank you is enough but be assured that I am very pleased.

C.A.S., F2 Victory North, Government Operations, Iraq

You mentioned a snake would come into my path and that it would startle me but there was nothing to fear because the snake would scurry off and not bother me. Well I have been here in Iraq for 28 months and have never seen a snake until 2 days ago. I was walking to pick up my clean clothes from the laundry dept and decided to take a different route than normal. It was before lunch and the temperature was already over 100 degrees. A snake was the last thing I thought I would see at that time of day. Snakes here normally only come out in the evening when it cools down. I usually take a short cut across an open dirt lot, but this time I took the long way on the sidewalk. Maybe I took 4 or 5 steps when a snake whizzed across the sidewalk in front of me. Well yes, I was startled but not afraid. It was very fast and beautiful. The snake was about 5 feet long with beautiful colors and a pointed tail. I described the snake I saw to someone here in camp and they said it was Iraqi Cobra. The other thing I wanted to tell you about was in the last session we had you said there would be an insect in my bed. I was not looking forward to that at all. You did say it would bite but I would be ok. Still it was a scary thought. I did get a bite on my neck in the night while sleeping. It swelled and itched for a day or two then went away. This has been a marvelous 2 years here, with a lot ups and some downs. I want to thank you again, Kim, for the support you have given me in my quest to survive here and hopefully do some good for my fellow man. Sending blessings to you and yours.

R. N., Austin, TX

I wanted to thank you for a great consultation. I am very pleased to know who my angels are, especially “Helen.” I keep hearing her say, “it’s Helen” when I ask for her name. It is her voice that I hear every time, but I think I hear my other angels talking to me when I am asleep and they usually wake me up around 2:00 a.m. I feel that since our first session I have grown so much and become enlightened even more. I feel confident and empowered.

Vicki U., Chassell, MI

When I asked about the trip to China in our session last fall, your words about the trip were that “we’d experienced some travel delays but we would get there “. The flight navigation system had to be replaced several times because it wouldn’t work, then we had to get a fresh crew because that took so long, finally we didn’t have enough fuel to take off. The flight was postponed to the next AM. Upon waiting the next day we had a hydraulic leak in the landing gear and lastly because our flight took off 27 hours late, airspace had to be negotiated with the Russians. Comforting to say the least while sitting on the hot tarmac all day! Somewhere in the midst of the chaos when I was trying to decide if I should bail, I remembered your words and took great comfort in them and was able to relax knowing we’d be fine. We also had several minor delays during the trip but nothing that bad. I also want to let you know that the other information you and the angels have provided really helped me to climb out of the depths of despair after my divorce, brush myself off and begin to believe that I can have an absolutely wonderful life and take steps to prepare for it on all levels. The choice for a better life has always been mine to make…I just didn’t believe I was worthy. I’m just sorry it took 46 years to figure that out. If your predictions on my Mr. Wonderful whose presence is due to arrive in my life in the next 6 months or so turns out to be just as accurate, I will be eternally grateful! Fingers crossed!

Aaron L., Houston, TX

I received a reading from you and everything you told me about this year came true. You told me that I would change jobs and move within the year. BULLSEYE!!! YOU EVEN PREDICTED THE BENEFITS!!! Thank you. When I’m feeling uncertain I always play the tape recording.

Peggy P., Denver, CO

Your book has changed my life. I read it and reread it every day. Having been burned severely at age 5 and survived 38+ surgeries, and 2 cardiac arrests, I know I have a special destiny and reason for surviving. I am divorced after 28 years of marriage and now ready to find my true path! God bless you for your insight and sharing so generously the knowledge God and his Angels bring! Your book is with me always–by my bed and in the car wherever I go.

L. L., Queens, NY

I am in the middle of reading your book and I must say it is absolutely wonderful! WOW! Some of the information seems so familiar to me because I recognize what I’ve always known. I’ve always known I was different growing up because I just knew things about people I couldn’t explain! I have been reading everything on mediums, mediumship, etc.,..and let me tell you, your work is by far one of the most revealing, informative pieces I have come across. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Lisa G.

I read your book “How to Talk With Your Angels” and it changed my life. It opened the doors for me to channel with my angels, and to channel for others and teach them how to channel. I’ve recommended your book on countless occasions and given it as a gift many times as well. I wanted to thank you for writing this book. More than any other how-to channeling books, this one is by far the best.

A.K., Arizona

My name is Tony. I am a Police Officer. I think you will understand when I say I just woke up from a lifelong coma. I have been in touch with my angels immediately after reading “How to Talk With Your Angels.” You have unleashed a world of true beauty for me. I understand my gift and will use it to the best of my abilities. My angel has expressed to me how completely proud she is to have me finally open myself up to the gift. Already it is being put to good use. Kim, thank you from the bottom of my heart and God bless you.

Lana K., Ottawa, Ontario

I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful telephone channeling session! You may not know this, but I consider you to be my great mentor and spiritual teacher (and favorite author as well) – someone who has marked my life in the most profound way. Please be sure to let me know if plans are made for a seminar in Canada!

Rose R., Ontario, Canada

I said a prayer in the bookstore for God to point me to a legitimately written book he would like me to read, and then I picked up your book. I opened the pages to the quote by Rosalind Russell (I have been told all my life that I was named after her!) Talk about an answer to my prayer! This book has changed my life.

V. P., Bangalore, India

Your book is a very treasured possession of mine. It is amazing the amount of information that you have given in this small book. Thank you for clarifying a number of doubts that I had. I bought your book when I was visiting the US. Do you have any plans on visiting India?

Alan Davidson, Houston, TX

I owe you a tremendous thanks. I came to see you about career choices….which school I should choose to teach at. You smiled and said, “We’ll get to that. Let’s talk about your writing.” Your vision of my work and success prompted me to start writing my book. Fast forward 8 years and “Body Brilliance: Mastering Your Five Vital Intelligences” is a 1 bestselling Health and Wellness book and has won two national book of the year awards.Thank you for that ever-so-gentle kick in the pants.

Priscilla, Bothell, WA.

Thank you so much for answering my question in your newsletter this month. I was so happy and told my daughter that you said she should think about marine biology for her career. Just this week we were watching Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” and she told me it was her dream to swim with the whales and dolphins and ride on their fins. She is actually thinking about this and beginning to look into it. You mentioned the aquarium in Spain…incidently she has studied Spanish in school for three years. She asked to ‘Thank you’ and we are both so very happy. Thank you once again. Lots of love.

Ann M., Austin, TX

After our session, I left for Chicago for a business trip so I wasn’t able to listen to your tape until Tuesday. After listening to it, everything you were trying to tell me in our session began to make sense. I’ve listened several times, and each time I get another “aha” nugget. Sometimes I can be too black and white for my own good. Anyway, I just wanted to say…thank you for being you, thank you for doing what you do, thank you for being patient, thank you for being one of my teachers.

Vickie J., Riverside, CA

I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for your reading. I wanted to share something with you. During our time together you mentioned one of my issues that I was to work on was saying “no” without feeling guilty…especially at work. In the session, you said that everyone at work thinks, “give it to Vickie,” etc., and then you said, “Vickie, Vickie, Vickie.” Well a couple of days ago, my boss called me into his office a dozen times to help him and it actually got to be pretty funny. Finally, at one point, when he called me, I just ignored him, which made everybody laugh. He came out to my desk and said “Vickie, Vickie, Vickie.” My response was “I’m sorry, Vickie has gone home for the day. This is a recording so please leave your message and I will get back to you tomorrow.” Well, he laughed and the next day he gave me a RAISE. I have thanked my angels over and over because I really needed financial help, but I also wanted to thank you for telling me their advice. I have searched for a long time for a trusted adviser and I feel I have finally found one in you. May God continue to bless you with love.

Marilyn S., Salem, OH

Thank you for answering my question in your September column. You were on the money when you said that the angels have been sending “students” to learn from me. The majority of my past relationships have proven to be this. I’m waiting for my “Mr. Right”, I’m worn out being the teacher! I just can’t believe how accurate you were on that point. My last boyfriend thanked me over and over again for opening his eyes and showing him things that he was blind to! I just hope that that lasting relationship is around the corner, I’m getting quite worn out being in the position of the teacher!

Sylvia Z., HI

THANK YOU SO MUCH … for your amazing reading. IT WILL CHANGE MY LIFE. Everything makes so much more sense to me now. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

L.F., Charlotte, NC

We had a session on September 1. During my session you said that the relationship with my partner was a serious committed relationship which was very true. You said that I was going to marry him before the end of the year. Well…Kim…David was not aware in any way of this reading with you. I never told him. I did not want any kind of comments from him to color my experience with you…so I never whispered a word about it. Two days after my session with you…David proposed to me! He said he had been thinking about asking me for a while. We will be married on November 23rd of this year. We’re getting married! Kim, there are many things and details that you told me that were spot on. I would not hesitate to recommend you and I highly recommend you. Thank you for sharing your gift with me, Kim. I bless you in all your spiritual endeavors.

Elizabeth K., Houston, TX

I got so much out of the session, thank you for sharing your gift with me. You gave me perspective, and hope, that I hadn’t had in a long time. You are right about many things and I hope you continue to be as my future unfolds. You were so right about my guides speaking to me in the early morning. I have really been able to get clearer messages since I have started getting up earlier. I have decided to start teaching voice lessons again. When you first suggested this I thought there is no way I could quit my current job and match my current income however a new opportunity to teach group classes came my way and if I am able to get it going I can definitely quit!! Overall my quality of life has improved since our session, I have more of an understanding of my duty to fulfill spiritual contracts and be teacher to others by being patient and loving. This has helped me enormously at work when I get so depressed that I am not doing what I want to do and not working with people who I get along with. I encourage anyone contemplating to have a session with you to do it.

Pat M., Scottsdale, AZ

Your readings are amazing. The details you provide go way beyond what most dare say! I’m going to be most interested to see how so many things come to pass. So much to look forward to!

Jim M., Houston, TX

I can’t thank you enough for writing your book,”The Calling.” Somehow, it came to me at a time of serious financial change in my life and I have found solace in reading your stories. I applaud the bravery you have shown in sharing your personal self with the general public. You are a very funny lady and, to me at least, that is the most cherished attribute anyone can bring into this life. Nothing shines light into dark places better than humor. My angels are insisting that I wish you all the best – and that goes for me too

Peggy P., Houston, TX

I LOVE your new book, “The Calling”. Very inspirational, very real, a very good way to introduce/explain this phenomenon (channeling). I received it last Thursday, and I finished it on Sunday. Whew! I hadn’t read a book that fast in a long time! Did I say it’s a page-turner?

Susan T., CA

I absolutely loved your book “The Calling”. It was one of the best books I’ve read in a very long time. It was so entertaining. I burst out laughing a few times. Your book brightened my evenings when I was reading it, and I felt more confident about certain things in my life, too.

Laurie E., Charleston, S.C

I just wanted to thank you so much for writing THE CALLING. I couldn’t put it down and probably will refer to it again as a source of reassurance and inspiration. If I were to write to you on specifics, my letter probably would turn into a book itself!

Diane P., Georgetown, TX

I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your new book!!!! It’s the best book I had read in a very long time. I oftentimes have trouble finishing a book, but I finished this one in record time. I read the first 12 chapters before I ever stopped reading and really didn’t want to stop then. I think you have such a nice writing style and enjoyed hearing about all your experiences. I really didn’t want the book to be over. I loaned it to Meg and she loved it too. She called me and said, “I’m almost finished and I don’t want it to be over.”

Marge M., Houston, TX

Your book is so wonderful…words cannot begin to say what a brilliant writer you are. You have caused me some sleepless nights because I have not been able to put your book down.

Elise B., Los Angeles, CA

I just finished your book today and it’s AMAZING!!! I read it in 2 days! Couldn’t put it down! SO funny – I was laughing out loud sometimes – do you know how hard that is to do? Your characters are SO clear. I am laughing right now writing this. I think it would be such a cute film – you write so visually and have great dialog.

B.R., Houston, TX

I saw you today on “Great Day Houston”….you were AWESOME! I was glued to the set. You have an amazing positive energy that OOZES from you and I adore you and you can consider me one of your biggest fans. I mean this from the bottom of my heart when I say that I may not have been brave enough to take the leap into this next chapter of my life without your clarity. I am SO excited nothing can stand in my way! I thank God for giving you the gift of your special channeling abilities.
I recently completed your memoir. I couldn’t get enough of it and it has inspired me to re-read your other book, “How to Talk with your Angels”. It has also given me hope about my Mr. Wonderful whom you said I would meet this summer. I am DYING to meet him!!! It amazes me at the thought that he’s out there right now. I will let you know when I meet him…I hope my angels conk me over the head when he comes along. I have been practicing channeling and feel like I have had some luck. I need to keep practicing. I see images that pop into my head that are of importance a lot…i.e. when my dog had my cell phone in her mouth in another room…the cell phone popped into my mind and I knew she had it instantly. Silly, but I know that was my angels telling me to go get my phone! Talk about a clarifying feeling…it’s really wonderful what you are teaching people. What a gift!!!

S. H., Spring, TX

I listened to the CD today from our reading. I loved listening (again) to our conversations with my Angels and my Dad. You are fantastic!!!!! Your personality is bubbly; energetic; humorous; intelligent and genuine. I so loved the opportunity to speak with you and appreciate your ability to relay the messages that were sent to me. YOU ROCK!!!!

Carol K., Cypress, TX

Thank you for yesterday’s session. I thought I would pass on some good news – as a mother I know you will understand. Yesterday during my session my guides suggested that I do more ‘fun and flexible’ things with my daughter. They mentioned that she loved to eat out and that I should step away from my routine. So today she had her finals at her high school. I took my lunch ‘hour’ to pick her up and was planning on dropping her off at home and then race back to the office. Instead, I felt my angels nudging me so I asked if she wanted, instead, to go to Chili’s for lunch and I would just be ‘late’ coming back to work. She was thrilled! And we had a great conversation! I feel that our relationship has turned a corner into the mother/daughter relationship that we both want and need. I just wanted to let you know that your gift has been used so wisely and has made a difference in my life!

Shannon M., Ventura, CA

I just wanted to tell you my step-mom had a reading with you yesterday and she was so enlightened that she will be attending your seminar in January. She walked away from her reading with a “big” weight lifted off her. She is an avid “angel” listener and follower. I also wanted to personally thank you, because prior to me even knowing about her reading we had been emailing back and forth I had “questions” and she, of course, had the answers and helped me come to terms with certain things. During her reading with you, she was told by her many angels things that reinforce what we have been talking about. I feel I now ready to start the journey that lays before me!


I love your new book. I have been a neonatal ICU nurse for over 30 years and have had some interesting experiences with receiving messages from the spirit or the consciousness of babies. Sometimes it has been well received by the parents, at others it did not work out so well for me when fellow staff nurses found out! When a baby’s life was saved, (when he appeared to be fine to the doctors on rounds), it worked out OK. Of course, the neo attending who was supportive of how I received the information helped a lot. Other doctors have not been so pleased even if something I “knew” kept that baby from doing much worse. I hope that books like yours foster awareness and acceptance of this kind of communication. Kudos to you for your work in the world!

Jim M., Houston, TX

I just wanted to let you know that I am taking your teaching to heart. Last November I was laid of from my job; a job I had put the last twenty years of my life into. Being too old to compete with the younger generation and no longer having medical insurance or a retirement package, I found it to be an overwhelming predicament. So, instead of tackling the situation on my own, I decided that now was the time to fully include my Angels in all future decisions. Using the lessons I learned via your book, How to Talk With Your Angels, and accompanying seminars – and a few of my own techniques – I earnestly started to reach out to my Angels. The results have been more than I could have ever imagined. I have found my Angels to be much more than advice givers; they are actually fully-vested partners in this life I am living.

Vicki A., Los Angeles, CA

I was at a book signing for you at the Bodhi Tree in LA. Of all the readers I’ve had in my life or read about, your suggestions have helped me the most.

Mary E., Fairfield, CA

I had a reading with you and it was just an unbelievable experience, and the enlightenment you had brought to me and my family is beyond words. I received the CD of our session and WOW! My husband, Peter, was very much surprised at how everything makes sense now. We are so grateful to you and our Angels for giving us the direction to contact you and you being able to help us in this difficult time. I will be going to Los Angeles to attend your one day “Angel Boot Camp.” I can’t wait to thank you in person for your wonderful work and for helping me and so many people to make the correct changes on their life. You are so blessed!

Kate N., Houston, TX

I just want to say thank you for your insightful channeling. Everything makes more sense now. Psychology has been my choice since I was very young; I’ve always known it, but my decisions were clouded. As soon as I swapped all my painful finance classes to psychology, I felt so happy that it brought me tears. I’m actually excited about the upcoming semester (which never occurred before with all the business classes). I had been in the shell long enough. Thank you so much for leading me back to the world.

Sarah P., Sallisaw, OK

I was very fortunate and received a reading from you about a year and a half ago. I loved it and things made sense to me on what you said. On a side note, I asked about having children and you told me,

“…you will begin your family in the next two years. You will have a girl and a boy…both healthy. And, you will enjoy vigorous good health while you are pregnant. Plus, labor and delivery will be a breeze for you!” I had a HEALTHY little girl 3 months ago and the whole time I never even felt like I was pregnant and the labor only took 9 minutes of pushing! We had a scare of her maybe having Cystic Fibrosis and just like my angels told you…she was HEALTHY. Thank you so much. I never thought I would decide to have a child and sure enough I became ready. Thank you!

Pam J., Toronto, Canada

I was fortunate enough to find this wonderful person quite by accident! Talking to Kim was like talking to a sister that I was never fortunate enough to have. She gave me so much insight into what my innermost heart knew; and, yet, did not have the strength to acknowledge or the power to accept!. For so many of us, the reason we are drawn to special people like Kim is because we have the knowledge and spirit, but are lacking in the confidence of what we have. So many people are living in fear about their tomorrows; I hope you will ask Kim to quell your fears and give you confidence in your tomorrows, like I did.

Christiane Northrup, M.D.

“Bond With Your Baby Before Birth” is just plain exciting! I love that it’s written by a professional channel. And of course, I’m also happy every time a woman defies the biological clock! So, I highly recommend “Bond With Your Baby” to any women who are planning on becoming pregnant. This book is a reassuring treasure!

Kieran D., Boston, MA

I am a sophomore in college at Massachusetts College of Health Science majoring in pre-med. You have recently done a channeling for my Mom. I was so moved and inspired by everything you told my Mom that I knew I had to get a reading done. You are truly amazing and everything that I have learned from my angels through you has both moved and inspired me in every aspect of my life. Thank you so much for giving my life so much more understanding, I am forever grateful for everything you have done for both my family and I.

Christine L., Parker, CO

All I can say is, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I don’t think I have ever had such a range of emotions after your channeling! Thank you so much for helping validate me, my thoughts, and dreams!

Linda P., Chicago, IL


During this Thanksgiving, I will give thanks for people like you that have changed my life and made such an impact on me. You helped me find my life purpose, allowed me to do things that I would never thought possible and helped me realize just how psychic I am. I became a Certified ARCH Master Healer (Hawaiian energy healing) in May and I get so much information when I do these healings that it is as much of an experience for them as it is for me! I tell people all the time how much you have helped me become who I am and I will always be grateful. It has been 5 years (and one month) since I first had a session with you and I haven’t been the same since!

Colleen A., Springdale, OH

Thank you so much for the reading yesterday I feel that it was a huge blessing for me to have that direction. It is also such a delight to have a conversation with you! Your sense of humor is infectious and comes from the highest level. I celebrate the example you set for others.

I. N., Dallas, TX

The channeling session was the biggest reason I was able to make it through the month of May. I am taking each month as they come. I cherish the CD you sent me and I listen to it weekly. Your bubbly personality raises my spirits each time, and is a great incentive to listen to it again and again. I look forward to seeing you in October and finally to give you a hug. May God Bless you!

Irina Y., Moscow, Russia

It was so wonderful to hear your voice…you being in Houston and me in Russia. You are full of energy and optimism. It’s always reassuring to have session with you. I feel inspired and energized for new opportunities. I appreciate your time and expert advice.

Lori T., Houston, TX

Wow, what a reading yesterday. I felt every minute was jam-packed. I appreciate that you are a type-A reader, making the most of my time; your gift, your intelligence, your humor, and your directness.

B. A., Toronto, Canada

You did a reading for me a few weeks ago. First of all I want to thank you for being so honest. You were spot-on about what you said about my ex-boyfriend and the type of person he is. I was amazed because all I gave you was his name and I didn’t mention anything else. You confirmed things that I had a feeling were true, but had no concrete proof other than the text that I found from another girl; however he tried to explain that there was nothing to that text. I have been giving your website to people I know so that they too can have a wonderful and enlightening experience as I did.

Angela F., Mobile, AL

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sending me your book, “The Calling.” I started reading it last night and I find myself trying to rearrange my day so that I can spend the entire day reading! I am only on Chapter 9 as I write this note, but I have already received comfort and perspective by reading about your journey. PS: The reading was awesome, too!!!

Marilyn S., Salem, OH

Thank you so much for answering a question in your column a few months ago for me. I inquired about a man that I had been dating and you advised that this man was immature and that I would not only be raising his young daughters but, also, him. I cannot tell you how right that you were! I have since ended the relationship as his immature behavior was draining me, plus the fact that he allows his overbearing mother to run his life. I am now on a dating site and, although I do not know if I’ll find my “Mr. Wonderful” there, I am testing the waters. I know what I want and I will not settle. I know that my angels are guiding me along the journey of life and I have learned many valuable lessons in the process. Thank you, Kim, you were correct. I will keep my fingers crossed that the angels push Mr. Wonderful a little closer.

Sandra A., Miami, FL

First of all, thank you so much for the fabulous reading last Friday! I love your directness and humor. I’ve been diligently doing all my “homework” and my angels are working over-time trying to keep up with all my prayers asking for help and guidance. I can just see them saying…ai ai ai, it’s her again!!! Love and smiles.

Lia E., Chicago, IL

Thank you soooooo much for your wonderful energy at the reading yesterday. You were so on target with the descriptions of my two managers, I could not believe it! I also loved your positive, uplifting energy and clarity in bringing in the information. My session with you has given me a different perspective and the courage to move into my life’s work.

Nathan D., Los Angeles, CA

I am writing to fill you in on the amazing series of events that have happened since my angel reading with you. During my reading you conveyed to me the best college advice I have ever gotten — to transfer out of the 5 year Architecture program at the University of Southern California, and to pursue a double major instead. Since then I moved into the 4 year Architecture program, and have taken up a Business major in Entrepreneurship. This has been the best decision I have made at school and has opened up so many opportunities for me. I have been able to study and pursue what I am truly passionate about and have recently started a new internet company as a result. I wanted to thank you so much for the gifted advice you gave me, which has affected my life in so many ways. It is truly inspiring how impactful your reading has been.

Scott E., Austin, TX

Just had my second channeling session in 14 years and the difference between the two was like night and day. The problem wasn’t with Kim, it was with me. I was an entirely different person at age 37 than I am now at 51. I walked into the 1996 session with an agenda. I wanted to control the conversation and was only interested in hearing what I wanted to hear. I was real good at talking but had no idea how to listen. This time around I was prepared with about two pages of questions and Kim ended up giving me specific answers to 80 percent of them without me even having to ask. It blew me away! And the funny thing about the remaining 20 percent was by the end of the session I no longer cared about those answers. It suddenly occurred to me those particular issues are unimportant. I think Kim helped me see things in a renewed light and from a fresh perspective. It’s not easy being human – not easy for any of us. All we can do is try to learn and grow and hopefully be of service to others along the way. Thanks Kim

Carla C., Houston, TX

I am sending you much joy and gratitude for answering questions regarding my sister’s health and my relationship. We give thanks to you and your amazing ability to communicate with our angels. I now know what direction I shall take with my own life. You have an amazing gift and we are so blessed to have gotten this information. Your heart and spirit are beautifully illuminated. Bless You~

K. H., Chicago, IL

You provided clarity to me at a turning point in my life and your gift is SO great. Such a blessing. I have a friend who I excitedly told about my experience with you…as my friend who led me to you did with me. Kim-again, such a blessing and such a gift and I’m thrilled that I was referred to you by someone so respected, loved and cherished in my life and now I’m doing the same.

Brittany B., Houston, TX

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The weight has been lifted from me about so many situations. I’m a little sad it is not in my cards to be the next Beyonce, but I am estactic about my son’s future! I found the talent agent and will prepare his audition material. I’m calling for another reading around my birthday in January! LOL! 30 minutes is not enough! Thank you Kim! God Bless You!!

B. C., Houston, TX

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful channeling. You came as a miracle. I felt I was at a turn in my life. I knew I had to adjust but did not know how and where to go. I found you and my angels and know which path to take from now on thanks to you. You are an exceptional lady, a very gifted soul and I wish you the best.

Kim G., MI

I just wanted to update you on my life since I had a reading with you in August, 2009. At that time you told me that the man I was dating at the time had “commitment issues” and would leave me before the end of the year. You also said that it would get closer before we broke up and not to let that confuse me. You were absolutely right about that, though it was hard to believe at the time. The good news is that I believe I have met the man of my dreams. You had predicted that I would meet him this spring. A man I met this summer had ended a long term relationship in the spring, and we first saw each other on August 1. From the beginning there was a strange feeling of fate for both of us. The great thing is that he lives in my geographic area! We are surprising ourselves with how romantic we are. A couple of 50-somethings snuggling so close may look out of place to some people, but they have no idea that we don’t see ourselves as old…just as two people in love. Kim, I am so grateful that you gave me hope that I would find my Mr. Wonderful this year. I relied on my intuition/angels to decipher my path, and I was led to where I want to be now.

N. G., Houston, TX

I am so charged since our session! I have been replaying our conversation over and over in my head and I am amazed at so many things you were able to provide such clarity to me in my recent struggles! My direction and purpose is crystal clear and I could not be happier! I know it’s going to be a rough patch here soon; but I’m determined and look forward to MOVING FORWARD! I will send you many clients and I cherish the dear one that brought me to you! We have angels all around don’t we? We just need to be receptive. I can see many things that I “felt” or “realized” or somehow made a mental note of; but after our conversation – I am amazed at how much the universe really does speak to us all the time. I’m floored and ignited at the same time. Again, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

M.B., Sugar Land, TX

I don’t even know where to start and how to thank you. You did a reading for me August 2010. At the time, my real estate business was very slow and I was looking for advice on how to become a very successful Realtor. You told me I won’t, which was very disappointing. Then you told me that I would become a very successful writer. I don’t write. You also told me many things about my family situation which all turned around like you said it would. Since the reading, ideas started flowing in my head about a storyline and I started writing. I started doing much research about the writing and publishing business which was very interesting to me. I followed your advice about asking my angels for help. I was forgetting in the beginning, but now I call on them daily for me and my family. Last week, I went to a writers conference in Houston that had several agents attending. I learned how to pitch a story that day and pitched it to 5 literary agents the next day. Three agents were interested in my story and one of them wanted a second book (sequel). My challenge now is to finish the book. I’m so thrilled and excited about my new career. Thank you so much for directing me in this path. My son’s reading was also great and he always refers to it.

Darlene M., Nova Scotia, Canada

I just finished reading your book “How To Talk With Your Angels”. I related so closely to many things in your book. In some cases brought me to tears. Four years ago this August, I lost my husband to a cancerous brain tumor. We were definitely soul mates and best friends. I was lost. I have wonderful friends and am close with my adult children, but felt so alone. After his death my life took a very guided path. I didn’t realize it at the time, but everything started falling into place like a jigsaw puzzle.So many unexplained things started happening. For several months, my husbands scent of his deodorant would linger in my home. I know now I had many Angelic experiences. One experience actually saved me from myself. I had a particular night, when I didn’t care if I lived. My room became so active with movement and it didn’t matter, where in my home I went, it stayed with me. I had a psychic reading not long after and was told it was my angels protecting me. I can relate so many things. I’m not a reader, Kim, but when I went to the bookstore, I was guided to the Spiritual section and it was your book I was directed to take. I am very intuitive and I very rarely ever go against my instincts. I related to you and this book. I can’t believe the connection I felt with you. It’s hard to explain to you in words. It was so overwhelming, here I am writing to you. I can’t explain that either. I live in another part of this world, so far from you. I’m not sure why Kim, but I needed you to know how your book affected me. It explained things to me, things I’ve known for awhile but were confirmed by your writings. Thank you for this wonderful read. I look forward to more. Bless you.

Della B., Houston, TX

You channeled my guides last Wednesday. I just wanted to say THANK YOU. You changed my life, got it headed in the right direction. It must be very fulfilling that you can help so many people in such a positive way. That is my goal in life as well, to help those in this lifetime become better people.

K.N., Houston, TX

There’s no words to describe how grateful I am to your guidance; sometimes the rush of new life events can get to one, and more often than not people succumb to the anxiety and fear of the unknown. Wise words can calm the heart and soul. At the time that we talked on the phone, my hubby was still a potential Mr.Wonderful and have yet to prove himself to me. Not so long after, he did it, and the more I get to know him, the more I come to love him. I have never thought it is possible for me to love someone that much. I owe you a heartfelt thank you. I believe the two most important things are one’s life work, and one’s soul mate. You gave me direction with both two of them. Thank you for being here on Earth.

Brenda R., Houston, TX

As you predicted, it’s time for the gallbladder to come out. Thankfully you clued me in on our last session about my gallbladder because the doctors kept saying I had acid reflux and then IBS and I kept persisting they look further and sure enough, it was the gallbladder causing all my issues.

H. V., Houston, TX

I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart for the clarity and hope you brought to my life by channeling the information from my angels. Information you gave me during our sessions about my relationship with my spouse was so accurate that a person living with us for many years could only have known those things. You described my relationship with my spouse as it was from beginning up to that point, you also told the reasons for why things were going wrong, and you described precisely my spouse’s and my thoughts and feelings as we went through our lives up until that point. You also told me what will be the next steps to put my life back in place. The details you provide about the past and future are amazingly precise. Some of the information where time is of essence, you also provided the dates. (However everyone has to understand that nothing is set in stone so things move ahead or back in time based on everything around you.) Again you could do that because the information is coming from the source, one’s angels. You have touched so many lives. You are an elevated soul who lives at such a high frequency and has direct channel to angels, yet you are so humble. You instantly connected during the session and made me feel secure and friendly so I could talk about all the problems to you. If you are looking for clarity, direction and hope in life the information Kim provides is the best as it is coming from your angels. There is no price you could put on that information because you cannot get it from anyone but a person who truly channels your angels. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for any direction in this material life and also if you would like to know your life’s work. Please contact her she is one of the nicest and most humble human beings. Thank you, Kim, for providing me guidance in life and also for touching so many people’s lives I could only image how much positive effect your work has done based on changes in my own life. I truly believe that my angels directed me towards you and you are a Lord’s angel in my life.

Desiree’ H., Tarkington Prairie, TX

I looked so forward to my session with you. That morning I talked to my late husband asking him to please talk to me at the session. The first thing you said to me was, “of course I’ll talk to you, why wouldn’t I.” I knew I was talking to him thru you. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait til I can do it again. It gave me such a reassuring feeling. There were things you said to me, that I didn’t tell and you couldn’t have known. I believe my late husband brought me to your website. He contacts me and you reaffirmed that fact. I am so thankful that you are here for us, to help us in talking to our loved ones. You are an angel on earth.

Janis C., Austin, TX

I am so grateful to you and the reading I had with you last February. My life is on a wonderful path and I feel so happy! I am now a certified hypnotist with a growing network and practice instead of an employee at an unfulfilling day job.

In Gratitude,


Dear Kim,

Oh, it was such a blessed and magic day. Yesterday, I heard your wonderful voice and felt the holy presence of my guardian angels. Time and space fell together for a SHORT magic moment. I was THERE with you in Houston. It is such an amazing experience when the veil between the spiritual and material world OPENS for a lucid second. That’s how it felt to me. There are many more questions that I LOVE to discuss with you THROUGH the eyes of my guardian angels. So I will schedule my next reading during June, for my next birthday. Thank you soooo much for this Psychic Saturday. It brings so much FAITH to people.

WARMEST ALOHA from Germany

R.R., Florence, KY

Just a brief note to Thank-you for you valuable time! Anna and I have both read and continue to read your published works – to get to speak with you for our private sessions and become a part or your story was simply glorious!!

The incredible messages delivered by our Angels has awoken a passion within us both, to live our lives in service, completing our life’s work. We are honored to start our story, with you being apart of ours, one we no doubt will share with so many.

Our life has just been ‘rocked’ in the most magnificent way and you have been such a big part of it. Again, thank you for living your life’s work, including us in your story & helping Anna and I along our journey of service.

We send you much Love and Light!

Diane Gietzen Jett

Hi Angel Lady!!! Thank you for coming to Detroit and giving us a life-changing ARE conference! WOW-it was an amazing experience. Blessings galore to you, your family, and your army of angels!

Nancy W.

I just listened to you on Karen Noe’s radio show. You have such an incredible gift.

Claire Ann S.

My husband and I greatly enjoyed your workshop. I also was so surprised with the synchronicity of me sharing a graphic with a Facebook group that morning that was the same one you started your presentation with. Talk about ripples. I love the way spirit works. Thank you for the work you are doing.

B. B.

I enjoyed spending time with you and my angels today, Kim. When I told my 27-year-old son recently that I was on my way to a guitar lesson, he said, “Dad, what’s going on? You’re taking guitar lessons, writing a novel, going to church, and feeding the homeless. Are you having a mid-life crisis?” I told him it was merely a “course-correction.” Thank you for confirming that I am on the right path – finally.

Ilze R

Thank you for being so spot-on. I have the encouragement I need for now to forge on! One clear step at a time. A big take-away, is the idea, also, that it is not all for naught. This channeling was a fabulous validation and encouragement. The remedies recommended are already underway. All of your messages were clear and helpful. Thank you for your whole hearted commitment, generosity of spirit, and compassion, in your work. I will share the goodness of your work with my colleagues who already have asked – tell me how it goes? I will highly recommend you.

From the heart,

Kathleen J.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for our session today! I feel so relieved and excited about my future. I feel a little guilty, too, for ignoring my guides for so long. It’s hard to believe that so many are helping me. And I’m so amused that you and I have worked together in the past. I hope that I get the opportunity to get to know you better. It was great meeting you!

Anita S.

Thank you so much for the dream interpretation. I understand much more now. This has helped immensely. You are “Simply the Best”!

Suzanne N.

Your book, “The Calling”, has its own Library Code! How exciting for you to have your books at the library! I so enjoyed reading this book! Thank you again for everything that you do; you are an awesome person with an amazing gift to help people!

L. W., Denver, CO

You did a wonderful job today making me feel hopeful and that I could do anything. Thank you for your positive spirit and traveling so far to help others lift themselves up.



Your reading was positively the best one I have ever had, and I have had many. It gave me new insights plus it confirmed what I already knew and gave me the courage to start the process of doing what I need to do next. You nailed it.

Kara P., Virginia Beach, VA

I wanted to personally thank you so very much for the reading at the end of the conference, and for all of the energy, soul, and sweetness you put into every minute of the weekend. Observing the way you handled so many people vying for your attention and for readings was one of the greatest things I learned. You are a wonderful shiny star in the universe of people here on the earth and it was an honor to learn from you. 2015 may have been the most fascinating and also most difficult year of my life, and although I can’t fix it all instantly, the clarity is so relieving.

Cheryl S., Atlanta, GA

I wanted to tell you something that happened last Saturday as I was driving to your workshop outside Atlanta. As I was driving to the event, this sentence was clearly downloaded into my mind: “I wonder if Mr. Cayce will make an appearance?” This got my attention, as all incidences of claircognizance do, but also because, in my family, we never called him “Mr. Cayce”. It was always, “Edgar” or, when discussing him with me — since I was a child — “Edgar Cayce”. Edgar Cayce was a family friend, as were his other family members. On Saturday, early on in your presentation, your PowerPoint slide of Edgar Cayce came up and I was instantly filled with an electric energy, and I could feel my aura, very full and alive, like soft, fuzzy static. Then you called him “Mr. Cayce” (zing!) and began talking about how he came to you on the airplane. You seemed to describe experiencing exactly what I was feeling in that moment. I almost cried with joy. I knew it would be an amazing workshop, as it proved to be. I am overcome with gratitude for you and the part you are playing in my remembering, and reawakening! Thank you!

John V., Alpharetta, GA

I attended your How to Talk with your Angels workshop in Atlanta yesterday. I have been practicing Energy Healing for over 8 years now and have attended many workshops from many different modalities. Your material was put together so well and your words and energy made everyone feel empowered and comforted at the same time. I smiled the whole time from your reinforcing what I have experienced through the years and the validation of what is to come to me and to the others in the room. Please continue to spread your Light and Love and bring the Awareness we all desire and need.

Sabrina A., Dale, TX

Thank you so much for channeling for me today. I cannot begin to tell you how much you have helped me and my Mom. Thank you so very much for sharing your special gift with me, and helping me to see that what has happened with my father is not our fault and that we do have a bright future ahead for us without him. While it would have been nice to hear that he was coming home to us and we could get therapy and be a happy family together, it is easier to cope, hearing from you that he has major issues that prevent our guardian angels from allowing him to come back to us, and that we need to move forward without him. Thank you so very much for your kindness and compassion in helping me through this most difficult time. Our hearts are broken, but we now have hope for a brighter future based on your channeling today. God Bless You Kim!

Patrick D.H.

I am writing to express my thanks, appreciation and gratitude for a reading you did for me in late 2009. I have followed the advice given to me through you, opening my mind to something always there, waiting to bloom. Thank you for lighting the fuse. Following the advice and suggestions has paid me dividends for which I could never repay. I wanted you to know how valuable your work was for me. Thank you for what you do.

Suzy S., Houston, TX

THANK YOU! My session with you was so very helpful and the best thing I could do for myself in my current challenges. You are a real blessing to me. I am so happy to be able to open up to my angels all the time and this has helped me do that. You are amazing to watch as you help people. What a gift you have! I love, love, love your work and your books.

I attended Kim’s Angel workshop a few years ago and it was wonderful! A life changing experience. I highly recommend it if you are thinking about it; but if you can’t attend then check out her book How to Talk With Your Angels. I love you Kim and thank you for being a wonderful spiritual teacher!

Laura B., Norfolk, VA

Thank you so very much – for your wonderfully brave transparency, insightfulness, light, and pure joy you put into your books, teaching, and channeling! You are such a blessing to me and to the world. Our session was simply amazing and I deeply appreciate you giving so much of yourself and your Divine abilities in our time together. I cannot fully explain how incredibly healing, educational, reassuring, and motivational our session was – my mind and heart are still reeling in the joy and my channeling has changed in just a few days’ time. There is a deeper richness and new trust and belief building (or rebuilding) in me that I remember once having, but thought had been lost and was literally grieving for. This grief had manifested itself in all sorts of scary health issues, limiting fear beliefs, and habits that seeped into my relationships, my motivation for my soul purpose, and just about every area of my life. I am a longtime activist, reiki practitioner, meditator, holistic healer, eft practitioner, and started exploring hypnotherapy last year. These standby practices for me just weren’t working to the degree they previously had in my life and I had been feeling very lost and defeated. So much so, that I had actually grown angry and resentful of my very clear calling to be an activist and healer again in this lifetime. After working at it for 20 plus years, last year I hit a wall and couldn’t bear the struggle any longer. I “found” or was lead to your books a couple of years ago and they were a lifeline and a wake-up call. I read and reread one after the other as my spiritual amnesia started dissolving piece by piece. I really felt trapped in this swirl of anger, defeat, and exhaustion and my soul needed the balm of your seemingly simple (in that your and the Angels instructions are very easy to follow if we simply get out of our own way) yet deeply profound and reassuring direction back to my Divine connection and purpose. I had completely lost my joy and excitement of growing to the next spiritual level and belief in Divine possibility. It had been washed away by years of defeat, persecution, and exhaustion from trying to make a bigger difference for suffering animals and people. Your words and you walking your talk through your books, classes, and channeling sessions have renewed an invaluable hope in me that I didn’t think was possible. I am actually feeling joy again in my soul’s purpose in moving forward. Our session helped me to look at my life issues in a much bigger way and provided phenomenal clarity for events in this and past lifetimes – including lifelong health issues and a fear of being alone and going to sleep at night. The past life information you and my angels provided gives me such relief and clarity – amazing after carting this around for 40 plus years! That kind of fear just takes over and grips onto every area of your life and it’s difficult to describe this greater level of understanding that I now have, thanks to you. It’s like a whole new door has opened in my mind, allowing me the opportunity to be free of these fears (and all the ways they manifest) by having a stronger, more constant connection with my angels and the whole Divine realm. I really cannot more strongly recommend anyone having a session with you or attending one of your classes. It will be one of the greatest blessings and opportunities to ever have. Your class was like a homecoming that reawakened so much good in me. I have learned that it all comes down to some level of disconnect with the Divine in our lives. You are gifted with providing the ultimate healing by reconnecting us and teaching and reminding us how to connect with the Divine – in every area of our lives – and that our angels are always there and it’s as simple as giving them some time and space with us. I can’t think of anything more healing or reassuring than this, or a more wonderfully kind, joyful, and generous soul than you to share this with us all.

Sabrina Z., China

Thank you sooooooo much for such a wonderful session!!!!!! Don’t know how to express my thankfulness. Thank you!!!!!!! Millions and millions of thanks!!!!!!

Maggie C., Australia

I can’t thank you enough for the most extraordinary and exquisite session we had yesterday. It has filled me, my husband and son with optimism and confidence that all will be well in our lives. Though, boy, some of the content was a little unexpected You are truly blessed in a role in life, sprinkling healing fairy dust on the broken-hearted.

M. B., John’s Creek, GA

Dear Kim,
When I look at my life and try to determine who has had the greatest positive influence, I see you standing with me. I wondered if your guides or my guides tell you that. I wondered if they tell you what a tremendous difference, a lifesaving difference, you have made. Then I thought that If I wonder, they probably haven’t. So, let me tell you now. You have had the greatest influence on my life. You have rekindled the belief in myself and sparked the courage to remember who I am. Thank you for touching my soul. Thank you for the commitments you made so long ago.Thank you for keeping your promise. Thank you for being who you are with the strength to follow your own path. Thank you for your light, your smile and your humor. Thank you for the gift of you. It was a wish come true to meet you in Atlanta in February! I soaked in every word, every moment. When I doubt myself, I hear your voice and feel the warmth of your light. I have been practicing channeling with my daughter, Blake. We do get silly, but have been keeping track of our “successes” and slowly but surely we are increasing our hits. Coming along with this is the courage to write. I don’t think I am afraid anymore. I wish you all the happiness and light in the universe!

Judy F. Chicago, IL

Kim, I’m the luckiest person in the world; I was able to see you yesterday! I have one word to describe your “Way of Knowingness” workshop! Wow! You’re an amazing woman. I love your humor and the love that shines from your soul. The channeled message you gave me took my breath away. You confirmed so many things for me. You brought life back into my project. I was losing confidence in myself and felt what’s the point. In the future, I hope to attend one of your workshops in Houston and schedule a private reading. I have one request, please send me the picture that was taken yesterday. I will cherish this moment/day forever. You left an impression on my heart. Many Blessings to You!

C. A., Hartford, CT

Hi Kim,
Saturday was a blissful day for me. I mean this — it truly was one of the top days of my life. I felt the presence of the angels, their grace and their communication. I experienced many synchronicities — meeting people who share a common bond with me. The reading was a blessing. I was going to take off during lunch to get some sunshine, but my angels kept saying, “You have to stay” — I looked at my raffle ticket number and it was my angel number so I knew I would be picked (they are amazing, aren’t they? I’m always in awe!) The reading was a true gift and I thank you for it. I have excitement and feel the angels supportive backing. Their message through you was very validating. I feel I have an even stronger connection to them as a result of the reading — I’m full of gratitude! The workshop itself was encouraging and enlightening. I love, love, love the world of angels. So happy to have met you. Thank you for a beautiful day!

Kimberly S., Hamden, CT

Kim, I just wanted to let you know that your seminar WAS life changing for me. I had a brief reading with you,and it really opened my eyes to all the possibilities that this life has to offer. I’m excited to make the connection with my Angel Guardians stronger and clearer and will continue to work on that. Although life can be very hectic and busy, I will make time for my Angels and anxiously await stronger clarity of their guidance and messages. I’m so happy to have met you – thank you!

S. L., Netherlands

I felt the urge to write you a brief message. I’ve had an absolutely wonderful channeling session this afternoon. The messages from my guardian angels were full of surprises and also somehow very familiar, as if deep down I knew. So thank you!! I am so grateful that I went to the library for a book and was guided to find yours instead. It was a real pleasure to ‘meeting’ you today. With love from the Netherlands.

Robert C.

Hi Kim,

You were a speaker at the A R E in Jan of this year. I remember someone asking who will be the the next president? ( At that time there were many candidates on both sides, trying for their parties position). You replied to the audience, Let’s ask will the next president be republican or democrat? The answer was republican. After a rollercoster year in politics, who would have guessed. Thanks again.