“The Way of Knowingness” Video Workshop     

If you’ve wanted to attend my “Way of Knowingness” in-person workshops that I’ve conducted around the US, based on the material from my latest book, but traveling wasn’t feasible…this is your chance! I’m bringing the workshop to you in video to enjoy anywhere and at any time! Simply purchase the video series and you’ll receive four 2-hour videos emailed directly to you.

Over eight hours of class time PLUS materials to download:  only $99!

“This course is so great. I know these classes are going to be resources I will go back to again and again. Love them! The handouts are awesome. I love have you explain things in a way that is approachable. A lot of things you described about reincarnation and the way energies work were ringing bells like crazy for me because it resonated as truth. I know this information will positively impact my life and I thank you!!”    Sasha P., Claymont, DE


Don’t wait…THIS can be the year you make the shift you’ve been dreaming about. In this extensive workshop, I’ll be sharing a wealth of insight and information including:

  • How each new day offers hidden life-changing opportunities
  • How to re-frame challenges and obstacles so you can recognize them as hugely beneficial
  • How you may be unknowingly conveying mixed – messages in regard to your day-to-day intent that is derailing your forward movement
  • What “knowingness” is and how you can use it to your advantage
  • The major differences between “spectators” and “participants”. (Which one are you?)
  • True life stories about ordinary people who lived their “knowingness” to create extraordinary lives
  • The 5 secrets to living your knowingness
  • Understand the two real secrets of manifesting
  • Strengthen the connection with your angels
  • Build trust in your ability to hear the vital messages they are trying to convey
  • The choices you have on a day-to-day basis that will point toward success or stagnation
  • How free will impacts your forward movement
  • Why abundance is your birthright
  • What your soul’s memory bank can reveal about: your past lives; your gifts, talents, and abilities; your fears and anxieties; and the destiny you have for this lifetime
  • The 5 essential keys for developing your ability to communicate with your angels and departed loved ones

I’ll also share practice exercises that can help you:

  • maintain your sense of purpose
  • prevail when the going gets tough
  • build faith in the messages you receive from “spirit”

This is the time to reclaim your spiritual and emotional balance!

Discover how destiny plays a key role in what you are meant to achieve and learn the real secrets to manifesting the life of your dreams.

Make 2016 the best year, ever!

Private Channeling Sessions also available!