Monthly Drawing

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Each month, a new winner is chosen! This month…it could be you!
I can answer questions about:

  • Your personal life
  • When you are likely to meet your soul mate
  • A current relationship
  • Your life’s work
  • Your current career
  • Your spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandchildren, friends…or even your pets!
  • The perfect place for you to live
  • Preventive health measures you can take
  • How you can finally resolve those difficult issues
  • The specific steps you can take to move your life forward—NOW!
  • The reason behind recurring dreams
  • How you can build your own ability to directly communicate with your guardian angels

Drawing Rules

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  2. You may choose to have your session by telephone or email. Winners will be notified by email with instructions for setting up the session.
  3. All entrants must be over 18
  4. Winner is responsible for all phone charges
  5. Session will be by appointment only
  6. Session must be used within 3 months
  7. Session cannot be shared
  8. Winner of the monthly drawing is notified by email, and the winner’s name will be posted on the site
  9. Contest entry will automatically add your email address to our list of subscribers for our newsletter

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Important: PLEASE only sign up one time – NOT once a month! Once you have entered, your email address will automatically be included in the drawing every month.

REGISTER NOW for Kim’s FREE Newsletter and MONTHLY DRAWING for a 30 Minute Private Telephone Channeling Session….valued at $225!

Important: sign up one time only. If you have already signed up for the newsletter, your email address is automatically included in the drawing every month.

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October: TBA!
September: Matt D., Tempe, AZ
August: George M., Little Rock, AR
July: Heidi M., Raasepori, Finland
Sarah D., Houston, TX
Mark P., Austin, TX
April: Tammy S., Pasadena, TX
March: Patrick V., Galveston, TX
February: Hannah W., Tasmania, Australia
January: Christine L., Broomfield, CO


December: Marie B., Putnam, CT
November: Marco R., South Africa
October: LaShonda W., Houston, TX
September: Tanya L., Irvine, CA
August: Kevin I., British Columbia, Canada
July: Hilmi A., Houston, TX
June: Matt D., Houston, TX
May: Dana M., Edgewater, NM
April: Susan R., Concord, NC
March: Sam G., Long Island, NY
February: Laura B., Norfolk, VA
January: Jaclyn A., Sugar Land, TX


December: Seandreka H., Woodlands, TX
November: Joseph A., Dayton, OH
October: Shemon B., Houston, TX
September: Gabriele R., Dublin, CA
August: Kelly H., Houston, TX
July: George P., Des Moines, IO
June: Lolita B., New Orleans, LA
May: Charles R., Spring, TX
April: Katina M., Gainesville, VA
March: Jordan R., Indianapolis, IN
February: Sue R., Farmington Hills, MI
January: Donna W., Williamsburg, VA


December: Debbie P., Kalamazoo, MI
November: Victor R., Pontiac, MI
October: Bruce F., Ft. Worth, TX
September: Carolyn L., Oakland, CA
August: Karen T., Copperopolis, CA
July: Kate R., Houston, TX
June: Danica W., Maui, HA
May: Gail S., Findhorn, Scotland
April: Christina P., Houston, TX
March:  Pilar L., Houston, TX
February: Martita S., Houston, TX
January:  Aaron W., Ray, MI 


December: Deb K., Macomb, MI
November: Mike A., Katy, TX
October:  Nancy N., Houston, TX
September: Marty J., Spring, TX
August: Sharon S., Humble, TX
July: Roy E., Katy, TX
June: Kathleen P., Tucson, AZ
May: Soli M., Denmark
April: William E., Portland, OR
March: Harold V., Arlington Heights, IL
February: Deena M., Lorton, VA
January: Heidi M., Finland


December: Therese H., Grand Prairie, TX
November: Anne K., Dallas, TX
October: Barbara W., Pittston, PA
September: Virginia M., West Wyoming, PA
August: Linda O., Gainesville, FL
July: Judson P., New York, NY
June: Julia A., Stockholm, Sweden
May: Eric E., Bogota, Columbia
April: Margarita H., Toronto, CA
March: K. M., Richmond, TX
February: Joseph P., Houston, TX
January: Simone B., Paris, France


December: George L., London, England
November: Charles W., Longmeadow, MA
October: Cindy C., San Diego, CA
September: Hal Helms, Charleston, SC
August: Peter T., Providence, RI
July: Carrie U., San Francisco, CA
June: Joseph H., Minneapolis, MN
May: Talia H., Beaumont, TX
April: Brigitte C., Houston, TX
March: Ashley S., Memphis, TN
February: Jennifer A., Littleton, CO
January: Beverly F., Sugar Land, TX


December: Michael H., Cripple Creek, CO
November: Karen P., Houston, TX
October: Ana M., Salinas, CA
September: Ely R., Marble Falls, TX
August: Norella H., Rosamund, CA
July: Allison C., Indianapolis, IN
June: Irving N., Dallas, TX
May: Beth G., Baton Rouge, LA
April: Anita B., Tomball, TX
March: Gene C., Charlotte, NC
February: Rebecca M., West Chester, PA
January: Sarah M., Tulsa, OK


December: Renee L., Middletown, IN
October: Nancy N., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
September: William V., Brookeville, MD
August: Therese L., Virginia Beach, VA
July: Janet R., Oakville, Ontario, Canada
June: Brian R., Wayne, MI
May: Pam J., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
April: Keith B., Austin, TX
March: Gabrielle F., Virginia Beach, VA
February: Kimberly B., Bay City, TX
January: Diane B. Lansing, MI


December: Susan T., Irvine, CA
November: Beth M., Houston, TX
October: Marissa S., Sacramento, CA
September: Betty C., Jacksonville, FL
August: Velma A., St. Francisville, LA
July: Bonnie S., Harrisburg, PA
June: Michael W., Plano, TX
May: Melissa R., Houston, TX
April: Angela G., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
March: Victoria P., Los Angeles, CA