May 2017 – Ask Kim Column

Dear Kim:  I don’t understand what is happening in the world, but it sure seems to me that violence is really escalating. News stories are constantly featuring shootings, stabbings, suicide bombings, and vehicles deliberately plowing through groups of people. I had a dream in which my angels told me that the way I could help would be to continue to develop my psychic ability and then approach investigators to assist in apprehending perpetrators of these terrible crimes. Did I correctly “hear” what they were trying to convey? Could I really provide information that could benefit the authorities?
Carolyn D., 27, Ann Arbor, MI

Dear Carolyn:  Your angels have been guiding you into your life’s work. Your destiny is to open a psychic practice in which you would focus on working with authorities (in the US and abroad) to provide angelically channeled information that can help them profile, identify, and then apprehend criminals who commit violent acts. You will receive your psychic visions of actual crimes in your sleep in the form of dreams that unfold like a true-crime movie. Your work does NOT involve doing ANY detective work on your own…as irresistible as that can be after “witnessing” a crime in one of your dreams. Because you are not trained, licensed, or associated with any type of law enforcement organization, you would be putting yourself, and possibly others, at risk. Your angels are waiting for you to tell them you are on board with this work and they will start the process. They also ask me to tell you that after you awaken from one of these dreams, they want you to go immediately to your computer to record everything you recall, no matter how small or insignificant. No detail should go unrecorded. You will feel very fulfilled by this work and you’ll have the opportunity to work on crimes committed around the world. Because of your courage and hard work, criminals will be apprehended that might have gone free and countless other lives will be saved…through your involvement in psychically thwarting atrocities involving chemical, biological, and nuclear technologies.


Dear Kim:  My mother has had some health problems lately and I was wondering if she only has a few years left. I should also mention that she had a fear she would die before the age her mother passed, and not long after she passed that age, her health problems started.
Scott H., 35, St. Thomas, Canada

Dear Scott: Your mom’s angels are not healthcare providers but they do have a spiritual perspective about her health and longevity. Your mom and (departed) grandmother have completely different destinies in regard to their health. Your mom’s angels are chiefly concerned about her heart health and the immediate need for her to change her eating habits. This does not mean that they are not aware of digestive and other dis-ease going on in her body; but, their biggest worry involves clogging of the vessels around her heart. She needs to be under the care of a cardiologist. The next most important step for her to take is exploring a book that is a must-read for her that explains everything she should do in regard to diet, and it also has grocery shopping tips and recipes to help her navigate this new gastronomic path. The book is called, “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease,” by Dr. C. Esselstyn. Her angels are begging you to pick up this book for her. If she embraces the new eating habits, she can add years to her life.


Dear Kim:  Please help me! My husband owns a business and when his office manager quit after having a baby, he hired someone younger, single, and really pretty. I have become totally obsessed with the idea that he is cheating on me with her. I’ve even gone into the office unexpectedly to see if I could catch them. When I call or stop by, she seems a little too friendly like she’s trying to cover up her canoodling with my husband. She also calls me “Ma’am”, like I’m a hundred years old. Are they fooling around? If they aren’t, why would I be so obsessed about it?
Ginger Y., 43, Philadelphia, PA

Dear Ginger: The reason you find yourself obsessed with your husband cheating and feel so insecure about his new employee is because of the affair you are having with your co-worker! The subterfuge about your own cheating is causing you to be suspicious of a man who has never even looked at another woman since he fell in love with you. His new office manager senses that you hate her, for a reason she cannot fathom, so she tries to be as friendly as possible because she’s scared that you’ll get her fired. She’s never had such a decent, respectful boss like your hubby who shows her kindness and appreciation for her hard work. Your hubby’s business is running much more smoothly with her there because she is so organized, has great people skills, and is a seasoned troubleshooter. She even helps to save money by clipping coupons (on her days off) for products and supplies the business needs that she is in charge of ordering online. She has less than zero romantic interest in your husband. Your angels recommend that you find a good therapist and address the reasons why you are cheating. (They tell me that you need to resolve issues with your father, for starters.) They also recommend that you pick up a small flowering plant and a card for the office manager as a way of apologizing for your behavior toward her. Lastly, ask yourself why you have felt so entitled to know if hubby was being faithful while you have been working so hard to hide your affair from him. He deserves to know the truth about your marriage.