March 2017 – Ask Kim Column

Dear Kim: I just saw the movie “Arrival” about extra-terrestrials visiting earth. It scared me to death but it was also fascinating and intriguing. I know this isn’t a question about angels, but I know from attending your event in San Diego last year that you believe in ETs. I just want a “yes” or “no” answer for these questions: Have ETs visited earth? Are they here now? Do human beings have anything to worry about?
Ian B., 52, Carmel, CA  

Dear Ian: Yes. Yes. No! If they wanted to hurt us they would have easily been able to do so already. Think about our rapidly evolving IT, laser, and medical technologies; there are those who are already wondering if this is all conceived by humankind. I have come to believe that guardian angels come in many different forms. As do ETs. Have you seen the film “Starman” with Jeff Bridges? His altruistic character in the film is a bit closer to what I have channeled about our extraterrestrial cousins who are fellow inhabitants of the universe.


Dear Kim:  From the time I was a little girl I have sensed that I was going to die young. Lately, that feeling of passing has really intensified. I fully believe in the afterlife and do not fear passing but I am a single mother with two small children who need me. Plus, I work as a professional psychic and medium and I learned long ago to trust in my intuitive instincts. So this concern is really distracting. Please be brutally candid. How much time do I have? I already have a Will and my sister has agreed to raise my kids if I should make my transition. I’m not putting that energy out into the universe as a desire, but I thought it would be irresponsible not to make these plans in light of what I keep feeling. What do my angels tell you?
MRF., 27, Long Island, NY

Dear MRF: Your feelings about passing are intuitive—rather than stemming from mental fears—and are right on the money. You have interpreted the psychic information correctly about dying young…except for one key piece of the puzzle: the information you have been receiving has come from your soul’s memory bank and is nothing more than a reflection of what you have experienced in your last six earthly lifetimes. Because you are so intuitively gifted, you have an extraordinary access to your soul’s memory bank…and your soul is reminding you of what has occurred before (dying so young) to re-emphasize how precious this incarnation is. You are destined to raise your children and enjoy future grandchildren, as well as conduct a life’s work that involves being a spiritual teacher and facilitator for others. Your destiny is to remain on earth well into your nineties.


Dear Kim:  My dog, Persephone, a King Charles spaniel, has developed a peculiar habit. It seems to have started right after my husband, Fred, passed last December. Every night, I sit in bed with a book and Persephone cuddles up to me. About eleven, Persephone will suddenly start to wag her tail, jump off the bed, and eagerly trot to a corner of the room. She moves her head from side to side, will sit up and roll over as we’ve trained her to do, and speak…as if she is playing with someone or something that I can’t see. This is every night! After about fifteen minutes, she trots back and hops on the bed, lies down beside me and goes into a peaceful sleep. What’s going on?
Beatrice Z., 67, Arlington, VA

Dear Beatrice:  Your departed husband, Fred, is visiting in spirit form and interacting with Persephone, who he describes as his “baby”. Because he passed so suddenly from a heart-related incident, he wants you to know that he remains by your side and is eager to communicate with you. He tells me that he has been coming to you in dreams and that you can trust that it’s really him as he is now. Along with playing with Persephone, he’s trying to provide tangible signs that he is with you. Ask him to let you know he’s there by giving you a goose-bumpy sensation, and then listen carefully to what pops into your head. What you will “hear” are actual messages from him. Trust that he is there and have faith that you can develop the ability to interact with him as tangibly as Persephone does. The more you practice, the keener your ability will become.