June 2017 – Ask Kim Column

Dear Kim:  My daughter, Alicia, who is a high school student, is planning a summer trip through Europe with our church group. This will be the first time she’ll be away from home for so long, and the first time she is traveling so far away from home. I am concerned about the safety of everyone who plans to go. I keep having nightmarish visions about terrorists high jacking their flights and/or bombings happening in the cities that they plan to visit. Alicia is very excited about the trip but I’m beginning to wonder if I should make her stay home. And, if I don’t allow my daughter to go, is it irresponsible not to share my intuitive feelings with the members of the church to help them protect their safety? Are my visions intuitive or are they a reflection of my own mental fears and concerns?
Mollie P., 53, Memphis, TN

Dear Mollie: I can understand your concerns on a number of levels. First, you are stunningly intuitive and have spent years working to hone your psychic ability. You have developed a high degree of trust in the intuitive guidance and direction you receive, which has allowed you to build wonderful momentum in your life. And second, your angels tell me that you feel protective about your daughter when she visits the local mall with her girlfriends; and, now, she has a trip coming up where she will travel throughout Europe, albeit with consistent adult supervision. This trip has you worrying more and more as the departure date looms closer and closer. Your angels tell me that your concerns are stemming from mental fears, rather than angelic messages. Your daughter is going to have a safe, extraordinary, life-changing experience that will spiritually inspire her for the rest of her life. It is her destiny to take this journey.


Dear Kim:  I’m over forty, and I still haven’t met my romantic soul mate. I live in a nice three bedroom condo which I own, I have a great career, and I am financially self-sufficient. It has always been my dream to have children. Should I try to adopt or go to a sperm bank? Since I am so old, maybe it’s crazy to keep waiting for Mr. Right? Have I waited too long already? This issue has begun to consume me and I feel that I need to make a decision NOW.
Edwina T., 42, Poughkeepsie, NY

Dear Edwina: You are a very dynamic, proactive woman and it is one of your core beliefs that the only way to accomplish your dreams is to set goals, and then work toward those goals on a daily basis until you have turned them into reality. However, when the goal(s) involves someone outside of yourself—namely, your romantic soul mate, and the souls who are your unborn babies—it becomes unbelievably frustrating because you are powerless to move the process along faster than what destiny dictates. In regard to your personal life…this is NOT the time for action! Although every decision you make is your responsibility, your angels beg you to wait just a bit longer. They tell me that you are likely to meet your romantic soul mate by the end of the summer. Very quickly after that, you two will discuss having a family. These important goals can only be met through continued patience on your part. In fact, your issue of patience is the one stumbling block derailing all of this from happening. The key is to focus on all of your other goals while maintaining trust and faith that your personal life will eventually crystallize. If you choose to wait patiently, you will demonstrate that you are surrendering to the perfect timing of the universe.


Dear Kim: I was just diagnosed with lung cancer and I feel certain that I’m not going to benefit from either chemo or radiation, or any kind of holistic procedure. Is this right? I know my time coming to an end and I’m not going to whine about it. I was a Marine so I know how important it is to play the hand I was dealt with as much courage as I can muster.
Dwayne Y., 71, Anchorage, AK

Dear Dwayne:  Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers as you navigate this very difficult stretch on your spiritual path. And, although your angels are not healthcare providers, they do have a spiritual perspective about your health. Each human being has a destiny, or what I refer to as a spiritual blueprint, that forms their path on earth in each of their human lifetimes. The blueprint includes where we are born, the individuals who make up our family of origin, the life’s work we are supposed to conduct, the issues we are to resolve, and the timing of our passing back to the other side. Your soul has been communicating information about your spiritual blueprint and that is the reason you feel so certain about your time coming to a close. Your angels want me to share that you have quite a lot of work waiting for you on the other side when you return “home” and you’ll be picking up where you left off in your work as a guardian angel for those who remain on earth. In spirit, you’ll have the opportunity to share your strength and courage with those who need it most…namely, young soldiers who are destined to fight on the front lines.