January 2017 – Ask Kim Column

Dear Kim:  Five years ago, after our nasty divorce, my ex-husband moved to California and made a killing in real estate. Out of the blue, he just contacted me and told me that he has gone for counseling, has never stopped loving me, and wants us to get back together. He also offered me a partnership in his real estate company. To be honest, even though he was not the best husband, I still love him and have never found anyone else. Plus, as a nurse, I have been struggling financially since the divorce and that kind of money would mean the world to me. I could finally know what it is not to worry every day about making ends meet. His offer is like a dream come true. Has he really changed? Could we be happy together? Would I be successful in real estate?
Alex P., 37, Denver, CO

Dear Alex: On the surface it sounds like all of your prayers have been answered in one fell swoop. But what I am intuiting is that ex-hubby just had a break-up with his latest girlfriend and he is now returning his focus to you. Why? Because, when you were together, you both had exactly the same priority: him! Ex-hubby yearns to be on the receiving end of your unselfish love and support, and would once again expect you to cater to his vigorous, outside-the-box sexual needs. His selfishness and narcissism are the reasons you divorced him five years ago. Although your ex is charming, smart, funny, good looking, and now has money, he has not changed. He’s all sizzle and no substance. Think twice about upending your life for a man who continues to think only of himself. If you decide to move to California, make sure you have a back-up plan.


 Dear Kim:  I was in a terrible motorcycle accident and was pronounced dead at the scene. But a heroic EMT kept working on me and brought back my vital signs, which allowed me to get to the hospital and receive further care. Since the accident fifteen years ago, I have been haunted by the same recurring dream. In the dream, I am back at the accident site and my soul has just left my body. I hover over my bloody and broken physical shell for a moment and then I feel a magnetic pull. The next instant, I am standing in front of God. He doesn’t actually speak but I can telepathically “hear” what he is saying. He asks what I would do with my life if I could return to earth. Without any hesitation, I answer, “bring light and hope to those who are suffering.” Moments later, I am back in my body, acutely aware of physical pain and conscious of what is taking place around me in the hospital emergency room. Is the dream an actual memory of what took place? Did I really cross over to the other side? Was this a true near death experience? If so, what am I supposed to be doing with my life? I currently work as a mechanic in a machine shop. I know that this isn’t my life’s purpose, but I don’t know what else to do. I’m at a complete loss.
Ted N., 33, Fairbanks, AK

Dear Ted: The dream is a memory of an authentic near death experience. It keeps reoccurring to remind you of your purpose, which is to become an EMT and save people the way you were brought back from the brink of death fifteen years ago. As a creative and intuitive individual, it’s not surprising that you were drawn to becoming a mechanic. In your work as a mechanic, the methodical and analytical approach to problem solving has added the perfect balance to your inborn creative and intuitive skills. The way you are destined to “bring light and hope to those who are suffering” is through work as a first responder, saving lives that would otherwise will be lost if not for your efforts. Check into EMT courses in your area. The time is now to move forward. You have lives to save.


 Dear Kim:  I am a professional psychic and sometimes I become concerned about sharing everything I pick up for someone in a private session because I’m afraid they’ll get upset. But after I hold information back, I feel guilty like I wasn’t giving them the whole story. As a fellow channel, how do you handle these situations?
Mariah C., 28, New York, NY

Dear Mariah: I’ve found that as a professional channel and psychic, people have come to me over the years for two distinct reasons. First, because they feel lost or confused, and need angelic guidance and direction to get back on track so they can set new goals and build momentum. The second reason involves getting confirmation about what they themselves have been psychically feeling and sensing. This important confirmation helps them further develop the courage and self-reliance necessary in order to follow their own intuitive instincts and judgement in day-to-day decision making. I NEVER hold any information back. In fact, when I channel for someone new, I always ask their permission to share whatever comes through with complete candor. It is my belief that anyone I channel for—whether it is a stranger halfway around the world, or a family member sitting at my kitchen table—has to be able to trust that I will remain objective, nonjudgmental, and forthright. As a channel, I consider myself as a conduit, much like a pipe. My responsibility is to carry information from angels or the departed EXACTLY as I receive it. Remember that when someone schedules a session with you, their angels are prompting them to do so because they consider you to be the best person to provide those messages at that time. That enormous privilege goes hand in hand with the trust spirit has placed in you. Over the years, I’ve had a number of channels ask similar questions about transparency in sessions, so you are certainly not alone with these concerns. Wishing you Godspeed in all of your future channeling endeavors!