Do you offer Skype for private sessions?

Yes, but without the video.

How do I submit a question for your monthly Ask Kim Column?

Email your specific question(s) along with your first name, last initial, age, and city/state/country. Please add Ask Kim Column in the subject line when you submit your question. (If you do not include that information, your question cannot be considered.) I receive hundreds of submissions every month, and I choose the questions I will answer—with angelic direction—on the day that I write the column. Please do not email asking when I will answer your question. Simply visit my website where I post the column.

When are you coming to my area for a workshop or book signing?

I'd welcome the opportunity to meet you! Please check out the event schedule on my website or on Facebook!

I sent an email through the link provided on your website. When can I expect a response?

My office makes every attempt to respond to emails as promptly as possible. If you have a question, you can also contact my office at: 281-651-1599. Please note that my office is closed Sunday and Monday.

Do you offer any private one-on-one mentoring?

At this time, I do not offer any one-on-one ongoing training or mentoring, but I do conduct classes and workshops that are in-person and online for your convenience. Please check out my event calendar on this site for more information. I'd love to help you develop your channeling and mediumship ability!

What if I’m struggling trying to pick up on what my angels are trying to communicate?

Rest assured that your angels are communicating with you twenty-four hours a day—even when you sleep! Channeling is a God-given ability because we all have guardian angels. The key is for you to learn how to discern all of the messages and signs they provide. Commit to a specific day and time every week (for at least 30 minutes) to work on your channeling. Assemble a notebook and pen, or you can use your computer. Find a quiet spot and simply start asking questions. The answers will float into your head as if you are talking to yourself. It's really quite simple...once you learn how to quiet the brain-talk. Investing time to listen to your angels helps with that!

How often should I get a session with you?

I would recommend that you allow "spirit" to guide you in regard to the timing or frequency of your channeling sessions. Some individuals have a private session once a year to obtain updates from their angels. However, during times of challenge or stress, you might find yourself prompted to seek guidance more often. You are the best judge of the timing of your sessions and the practitioner you choose to assist you.

Can I really develop my own ability to channel so I can conduct my own sessions?

You are fully capable of receiving messages from your angels and departed loved ones. Belief that your angels are present, faith in your growing ability, and practice are the keys!

Something you told me in a private session hasn’t happened yet. Why?

During a private session, when I provide information about something that is likely to occur in a certain time frame, the timing suggested is a spiritual "snapshot" of what your angels predict, based upon all of the dynamics that are taking place in your life at the time of the session. Please note that timing can often shift and the best way for you to keep your ear to the ground spiritually is to develop your own channeling ability so that you can remain in the loop with what's happening in your life behind the scenes.

Can I extend my 30 minute session while you are channeling for me?

No; typically I'll have another session scheduled behind yours. If you want more time, we can book another session on a different date.

What if I forgot to ask an important question in my session? Can I contact you afterward?

Our only limitation in a private session is the time you booked for the appointment. At the start of each private session, I always recommend that you begin with the most important questions first to allow us to get to as many of them as possible. In the event that you do not get all of your questions addressed, you can book another session; or, you can ask your angels for the information when you practice your own channeling. Please note that I do not answer any additional questions after a session is completed.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Gift Certificates can be purchased online or through my office for private channeling sessions, in-person workshops, online classes, or a spot at a Psychic Saturday. What an enlightened, imaginative way of acknowledging a special person!

Can I call you for my session from a cell phone?

Yes, as long as we have good reception.

How do I prepare for a session with you?

I recommend that you prepare a list of questions that represent your priorities. My highest goal is to provide you with the clarity, guidance, and direction that you can put to practical use right away to start making improvements in your life. I can also open the floor to your guardian angels or departed loved ones and allow them to share what they desire, which often makes for a fascinating session!

What if I miss my appointment?

I am happy to reschedule your session at no additional fee if you provide a 24-hour notice that allows my office to reschedule the session with someone else. Please be advised that if you miss an appointment without giving notice, your entire fee is forfeited

If I book an email session, can I get in sooner?

My email and telephone sessions are scheduled in the same queue by appointment Tuesday through Saturday. To be fair to everyone, Britt schedules my sessions on a first-come, first-served basis.

I’ve lost my recording of our session! Do you keep a copy?

I produce an original recording of our channeled session which can be forwarded to you after the appointment as an MP3 via email, or as a CD in the regular mail.

Can I get a written transcript of my phone session?

I do not offer that service at this time.

I do not speak English. How can I get a session with you?

English is my first (and only) language. However, I have channeled for many non-English-speaking individuals who knew someone who was willing to translate. I've conducted very productive sessions this way for people from around the globe...by phone and email!

What is the difference between a phone session and an email session?

Although the cost and the scheduling process is the same, there are some rather profound differences. My phone sessions are interactive, which means that you have the opportunity to ask an unlimited number of questions in our time together. Therefore, as your session progresses, you might choose to pose some new or different questions outside of those you had originally prepared for me. Plus, I speak VERY quickly, so you'll receive a wealth of information in a phone session. My email sessions are just as accurate and specific, but they are not interactive, so your session will strictly focus on the questions you send to me. Please note that I do not type as quickly as I speak, so be advised that you will not receive as much information in an email session as you would over the phone. However, I have many happy clients for whom I have conducted email sessions, and I welcome the opportunity to channel via email if it works better for you. Email sessions are terrific if you are hearing-impaired; have an incredibly busy schedule; lack privacy for a phone session; live outside the US in a time zone that conflicts with my office hours; or, there is a language barrier.

Do you record the session?

Yes! I believe that it's important for you to have an exact record of what is said and how it is said. I offer an MP3 recording (that I can email the day of your session) or a CD that would go out in the regular mail. There is no additional cost for the recording, and I do not charge for shipping and handling for CDs. (However, please be advised that I cannot guarantee the quality of the recording, nor can I guarantee flawless delivery service after the recording has been sent off in the mail.)

Can someone else sit in with me and listen to my session?

Absolutely! I leave that option up to you.

Can I share a session?

Yes, but only if the questions pertain to the same subject. For example: siblings asking about the health of a parent; a couple asking about selling a home; or partners asking about a new business venture, etc.

Since you conduct your sessions on the phone, how do I know that you are the one channeling?

I am the only channel/psychic/medium in my office and you are guaranteed that when you book a session with me, I'll be the one serving you. Plus, I have a very distinctive voice that's easily recognizable!

Do you offer a sliding scale in regard to your fees if someone is struggling financially?

Having struggled financially myself for a number of years (as I have shared in my memoir, The Calling: My Journey with the Angels) I offer several options. First, I give away a complementary 30 minute phone session every month, valued at $225. You can register for the session on Home Page of this website. Second, I channel—at no cost—for 4-5 people every month in my advice column, Ask Kim. Simply email your questions, following my submission guidelines (you can find them by clicking on the Ask Kim Column link on this website), and I will be happy to consider your questions. (I will keep your identity private and only use your initials, age, and city/state/country in the column.) Third, I conduct speaking engagements (some at no cost, like "Ask Kim Live") in which I channel for random audience members and also conduct a drawing for a 30 minute private telephone channeling session. I look forward to being of service to you.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

My office can share what dates and times I have open.

If I’m willing to pay a higher fee, could I get on your schedule sooner?

When you schedule a session, I make every effort to get you in as soon as possible! Because my schedule tends to be busy, from time to time I'm asked to squeeze someone in—immediately—for a higher fee. That would mean, however, that I'd have to bump someone else out of a scheduled appointment. For example, I remember when a major film star requested that I arrange an appointment for her in a specific time frame, with the promise of a much higher fee and referrals from her friends and colleagues. The time requested was already booked with a client who cleaned houses for a living and the session was a birthday gift she was giving herself. There was no way that I was going to disappoint that darling woman. What's more, I knew that none of my other clients would want to surrender their appointment time and there was no way I was going to ask them! I offered the film star the very next appointment I had open, which, at that point, was several weeks in the future. That did not go over very well and I never heard from her again. But it was the right thing to do. So when you book a session with me, your time is assured and you'll never be bumped because someone "more important" comes along who is willing to pay a higher fee. To me, there is no one more important than you!

What is the fee for a private session?

30 Minute Private Channeling and/or Mediumship Session (Tuesday - Friday) $225 (You can ask an unlimited number of questions in the allotted time span.) 60 Minute Private Channeling and/or Mediumship Session (Tuesday - Saturday) $275 (You can ask an unlimited number of questions in the allotted time span.)  

What are your office hours?

I conduct private sessions Tuesday through Saturday. My office is closed Sunday and Monday.

Do you ever withhold information you receive in session?

I never withhold any information! Ever! Whatever comes through from spirit is meant for you at that time and it is essential for you to receive it...just as I hear or see it. To withhold information in a session is unethical. As a channel, I am simply the pipeline, or conduit, through which your messages from spirit flow. You can rest assured that in a session with me, you will hear what I hear; specific, to the point, and unvarnished.

How do you receive the information you will give me?

I communicate with spiritual beings that include your guardian angels; and, if you wish, your departed loved ones. The specific messages you receive in a session are very individual and meant only for you.

You can receive channeled messages for me even if I am not in the same room with you?

In my private sessions, spiritual beings come directly to me to provide messages for you; so, that means that we are not restricted in any way by time and space.

Do you conduct any private sessions in person?

All of my sessions are conducted by telephone and email. This allows me to have the wonderful opportunity to channel for people from all over the world. I am just as accurate and specific by telephone.

How do I schedule a private session?

Please call my office at: 281-651-1599.  I accept all major credit cards and PayPal. For your convenience, you can pay for your session online (through this website) by clicking on Private Sessions, or over the phone when your appointment is booked.

Can I call or email with channeling questions without scheduling an appointment?

Because of time and energy constraints, I cannot channel outside of my scheduled private sessions. If you are interested in me channeling for you, book a private appointment; or, submit questions for my monthly advice column, Ask Kim (see submission requirements below); or, enter into my monthly drawing for a complimentary 30 minute private session.

Why should I choose you to conduct a reading for me?

Choosing someone to provide angelic messages is something that should not be done on a whim, even if it's going to be a one-time experience! Spend a few minutes to conduct a little online research by checking out websites. For example, how long has the individual been practicing as a professional psychic, medium, or channel? Are their fees clearly outlined so you know what to expect? Can you ask questions that represent your priorities? Is the session recorded? Are there testimonials you can read? Have they written books? Do they conduct workshops that you can attend? For over twenty-eight years, I have devoted my life to working as a psychic channel and medium. In your private session, the focus will be strictly on you and your priorities. When I channel angelic information for you, it is my greatest privilege; and, I never forget that I am serving you in our time together. I can dramatically simplify your life by providing insight unavailable through your logical thought processes. A private session with me is like an unvarnished spiritual and emotional reality check. You have the opportunity of asking why certain things have occurred in the past (like troubling issues with parents or siblings, unfortunate romantic relationships, chaotic jobs, or anything else you want to ask about), where you are supposed to be headed, and the specific steps you can take—right now—to begin to move your life forward. You may likely come away from our session with what I call "spiritual homework" from your angels, which is specific and detailed guidance involving the simple steps you can take, in immediate time frames, that will re-establish a sense of independence and empowerment, allowing you to make decisions that are positive, appropriate, and productive. If, like most of us today, the vast majority of your time is spent juggling numerous tasks, responsibilities, and necessary obligations for others, you'll be delighted to know that your private session with me will be a spiritual and emotional oasis—in which all of our time and attention is focused directly on you and your priorities. What can you expect in a private session with me? I begin by asking your name and age, and I ask for the email or mailing address of where you'd like me to send the recording of the session. Recording is vital because what I share in a private session is your information and it belongs to you. It is very important to have a record of not only what was said, but how it was said. And, recording also means that you will not be forced to take dictation, which is labor-intensive and distracting. My sessions are geared toward relieving stress, anxiety, and confusion...not creating more! After you choose the type of recording, I begin to channel for you. There is no initial chatting because I am dedicated to spending every second of your precious channeling time as productively as possible. If you schedule a 60 minute session, then you will have a full 60 minutes in which your angels will be speaking with you. I repeat everything I hear exactly as it is conveyed to me, and I will hold nothing back. I speak very quickly in order to share as much valuable information as possible. You can ask as many questions as you choose in our time together—about the topics that you desire—and we can also "open the floor" to your guardian angels and/or departed loved ones and allow them to share what they would like to discuss. I allow you to decide. I am always mindful that the focus of your private session needs to remain on your priorities. What's more, you will never come away from a session with me wondering if you understood what was said, or puzzled about the hidden meaning of something you were told. You can ask about anything you desire in our time together, and all of my sessions are conducted with the utmost confidentiality. I am trusted by clients who are corporate executives, politicians, attorneys, judges, physicians, entrepreneurs, psychics and mediums, financial advisors, members of the F.B.I., radio and TV talk show hosts, as well as celebrities who know that whatever we discuss in session...remains in session! Catherine Lanigan, the best-selling author of Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile, states in her blockbuster book, Angel Watch: "I felt as if I'd been out of step all my life and Kim O'Neill had been chosen to put me back on track." If, like Catherine, you are searching for the secret to developing the most wonderful quality of life possible, I am here to serve you. I am passionate about conducting private sessions because I completely understand how awful it feels to be clueless about what to do. I can certainly relate to feeling utter stagnation and the fear that life will never move forward. I can relate to divorce, losing a job, terrible money issues, surgery and ill health, family infighting, working for a difficult boss, feeling a penetrating loneliness that I thought would never end, and the feeling that other people have sparkling opportunities...but those things are just not meant for me. There was a time when I had no clue about my gifts, talents, and abilities. I felt so alone with my challenges, difficulties, confusion, and heartache. I know how it feels to experience confusion, fear, and hopelessness...and have nowhere to turn. Why do people call me for a session? Because they know that I have also dealt with what they are going through. I've shared the full story in my memoir, The Calling: My Journey with the Angels.

Why should I consider investing in a session with a professional psychic?

At times, you might experience difficulty in "hearing" what your angels are trying to relay due to being distracted or overwhelmed by stressful circumstances; confused by unexpected events; or, bored and unfulfilled because your life has stalled to the point of stagnation, and there is no awareness about how to get back on track or what direction to pursue. There are also times when even the most intuitive individuals simply need confirmation of what they have been sensing or hearing from spirit. That is the case for a lot of the fellow psychics, channels, and mediums who come to me for private sessions. If you want to change your life or create positive momentum, following your angels' advice is the fastest and simplest way you can accomplish your goals and dreams! You might be surprised to learn that even some of the most successful people I have channeled for have—at times—felt stuck, confused, and unfulfilled...and have begun to wonder: is this all there is? Although I appreciate what I have, is this all my life will ever be? If you've lost the sense of who you are, feel a disconnect with where you are headed, or feel that there is nothing to look forward to, it is likely that you have outgrown the current chapter of your life and have not yet "heard" what your angels have been trying to tell you about how you can re-ignite forward momentum. Unless you are moving forward with purpose, fueled by an awareness of the right path to take at any given time, there won't be a sense of empowerment or achievement.  

Is it possible for me to conduct my own readings?

Absolutely! It just takes a small amount of practice. I believe that it's vitally important for every human being to develop their own channeling skills, and that's the reason behind my books, How to Talk With Your Angels, Bond With Your Baby Before Birth, and The Calling: My Journey with the Angels, as well as the workshops and teleseminars I conduct on a regular basis. Developing your ability to hear what your angels are trying to convey will help insure that you are on the right track, moving forward as quickly as possible, and proactively building the best possible quality of life. Your guardian angels are always around you and their purpose is to provide ongoing information about how you can consistently improve your life. One of my favorite ways to practice (because it is easy, enjoyable, and no-cost) is to sit in front of a computer, or grab a notebook and pen, and simply listen to what enters your mind...without judging what you receive. Keep a record of what you "hear" and you'll be amazed at how receptive you really are!