I am currently developing new classes and workshops that are in-person and online for your convenience. Please check out my event calendar on this site for more information. I'd love to help you develop your intuitive ability!
I'd welcome the opportunity to meet you! Please check out the event schedule on my website or on Facebook!
My office makes every attempt to respond to emails as promptly as possible. You are also welcome to contact my office at: 281-651-1599. Please note that my office is closed Sunday and Monday.
I recommend that you prepare a list of questions that represent your priorities. My highest goal is to provide you with the clarity, guidance, and direction that you can put to practical use right away to start making improvements in your life. It is a good idea to spend a few minutes grounding yourself before a session by sitting in a relatively quiet place, closing your eyes, and taking a few deep breaths. This can allow you to be more intuitively receptive to the information that comes forth so our time together can be as beneficial as possible.
I believe that it's important for you to have an exact record of what is said and how it is said. I offer an MP3 recording (that I can email the day of your session) or a CD that would go out in the regular mail. There is no additional cost for the recording, and I do not charge for shipping and handling for CDs. (However, please be advised that I cannot guarantee the quality of any CD, nor can I guarantee flawless delivery service after the CD has been sent off in the mail.) For that reason, I strongly recommend emailing an MP3 recording.
Yes, but only if the questions pertain to the same subject. For example: siblings asking about the health of a parent; a couple asking about selling a home; or partners asking about a new business venture, etc.
Yes, as long as we have good reception.
No; typically I'll have another session scheduled behind yours. If you want more time, we can book another session on a different date.
Our only limitation in a private session is the amount of time you booked for the appointment. At the start of each private session, I always recommend that you begin with the most important questions first. I access information very quickly and I make every effort to answer as many of your questions as possible; but, in the event that you do not get all of your questions addressed, you can book another session. Please note that I do not answer any additional questions after a session is completed.
I would recommend that you allow your intuition to guide you in regard to the timing or frequency of your private sessions. Some individuals schedule a private session once or twice a year to obtain intuitive updates. However, during times of heightened challenge or stress, you might find yourself prompted to seek guidance more often. You are the best judge of the timing of your sessions. One of my goals is to help clients develop greater confidence and empowerment through learning to trust in their own intuitive instincts...so I do not recommend a flurry of recurrent appointments. But, I am here when needed!
I do not offer that service at this time.
English is my only language. However, I have conducted numerous sessions for non-English-speaking individuals who knew someone who was willing to translate.
I am happy to reschedule your session at no additional fee if you provide a 24-hour notice that allows my office to reschedule the session with someone else. Please be advised that if you miss an appointment without giving notice, your session fee is forfeited
During a private session, when I provide information about something that is likely to occur in a certain time frame, the timing suggested is a spiritual "snapshot" of what Spirit, or your soul, forecasts based upon all of the dynamics that are taking place in your life at the time of the session. Please note that because the earthly plane is always in patterns of change, any information about timing in a session is subject to change. Expect shifts to occur. A shift in timing does not mean that the event or goal will not eventually occur; the key is to continue to focus positive intent toward that which you want to create, and remain confident that it will happen in the perfect timing of the universe. Even before your goal has become a reality, be grateful for having received it. Appreciation is a very powerful dynamic of manifesting. Getting frustrated, angry, or depressed about the timing of anything in your life will only slow down or derail what you are trying to create.
Gift Certificates can be purchased online or through my office for intuitive readings, in-person workshops, and online classes.
Having struggled financially myself for a number of years (as I have shared in my memoir, The Calling: My Journey with the Angels) I offer several options. First, I conduct a drawing for a complementary 30 minute phone session every month, valued at $225. You can register for the session on Home Page of this website. Second, I answer questions in my monthly advice column, Ask Kim. Simply email your questions, following my submission guidelines (you can find them by clicking on the Ask Kim Column link on this website), and I will be happy to consider your questions. I also host events in which I channel for random audience members. Visit the Events page of this site for my speaking schedule. I look forward to being of service to you!
Email your specific question(s) along with your first name, last initial, age, and city/state/country. Please add "Ask Kim Column" in the subject line when you submit your question. (If you do not include that information, your question cannot be considered.) I receive hundreds of submissions every month, and I choose the questions I will answer on the day that I write the column. To read the column, visit my website where I post the column.
Britt, who does all of my scheduling, can share what I have open at any given time. You can reach him at: 281-651-1599, or 713-306-2155. Or, feel free to email: kimoneillsoffice@gmail.com
30 Minute Private Channeling and/or Mediumship Session (Tuesday - Friday) $225 (You can ask an unlimited number of questions in the allotted time span.) 60 Minute Private Channeling and/or Mediumship Session (Tuesday - Saturday) $275 (You can ask an unlimited number of questions in the allotted time span.)
I conduct private sessions by appointment Tuesday through Saturday. My office is closed Sunday and Monday.
I never withhold any information. Whatever comes through from Spirit is meant for you at that time. As a channel, I am the pipeline, or conduit, through which your messages from Spirit flow. In our session, I will share everything I "see", "hear", "sense", or in any other way intuit.
When we start your intuitive session, I access information very quickly. I begin by connecting with the exciting vibration of your soul. This is an important starting point because the soul is the very essence of who you are as an individual, and it reflects what I refer to as a "memory bank" of everything you have ever experienced. The soul reflects your personality, your inborn gifts and talents, the reasons behind the challenges and struggles you have encountered, the specific means by which you can create abundance, as well as information about your all-important life's purpose. In over thirty years of conducting private sessions, I have discovered that every soul is unique. That's part of what makes my life's work so interesting! Then, once I have connected with your soul vibration, I open my receptivity to access messages, guidance, and direction from the Spirits that surround you. The information available for you is limitless, and that's the reason I suggest that you jot down some questions before the appointment. What are the key questions or priorities you have at this time? Why did you set up the session? Do you want information about your life's work? Your current career? Your personal life? Creating financial abundance? Health? Your children? Parents? Past lives? Building your intuitiveness? When you share your priorities with me, I then pinpoint my focus on those topics, so that our session yields information that is meaningful to you in the NOW. If, however, you prefer to open the floor to the spirits around you to convey what they feel is most important, we can do that, too. The spirits around you are consistently providing guidance and direction, and I can "hear", "see", "sense", and "feel" what they want to share with you. In our session, I connect with the vibration of your soul and open my receptivity to the spirits around you because, together, they have a profound impact on the level of your happiness and fulfillment. In other words, on the specific path of life that you are traveling at any given time...think of your soul as the engine of your vehicle, and the spirits around you as your navigators who are providing GPS coordinates. The specific messages you receive in a session with me are very individual and meant only for you. I look forward to being of service!
Connecting with the vibration of your soul, and opening my receptivity to the spirits that surround you, is not dependent upon time or space.
All of my sessions are conducted by telephone. This convenience allows you to benefit from a private session from the comfort of your home or office...even if you are a world away!
To schedule, or for more information, please contact Britt at my office at 281-651-1599 or 713-306-2155. Or you may email: kimoneillsoffice@gmail.com. I accept all major credit cards and PayPal. For your convenience, you can pay for your session online (through this website) by clicking on Private Sessions, or over the phone when your appointment is booked.
Because of time and energy constraints, I cannot channel outside of my scheduled private sessions. If you are interested in me channeling for you, book a private appointment; or, submit questions for my monthly advice column, Ask Kim (see submission requirements below); or, enter into my monthly drawing for a complimentary 30 minute private session.
For over thirty years, I have devoted my life to working as an intuitive channel and teacher. In your private session, I never forget that I am privileged to be serving you. Choosing someone to provide intuitive guidance is something that should not be done on a whim, even if it's going to be a one-time experience! Spend a few minutes to conduct a little online research by checking out websites. For example, how long has the individual been practicing? Are their fees clearly outlined so you know what to expect? Can you ask questions that represent your priorities? Is the session recorded? Have they written books? Do they conduct workshops that you can attend? An intuitive reading can simplify your life by providing insight unavailable through your logical thought processes. A private session with me is like an unvarnished spiritual and emotional reality check. You have the opportunity of asking why certain things have occurred in the past (like troubling issues with parents or siblings, unfortunate romantic relationships, chaotic jobs, or anything else you want to ask about), where you are supposed to be headed, and the specific steps you can take—right now—to begin to move your life forward. You may likely come away from our session with what I call "spiritual homework" which is specific and detailed guidance involving the simple steps you can take, in immediate time frames, that will re-establish a sense of independence and empowerment, allowing you to make decisions that are positive, appropriate, and productive. If, like most of us today, the vast majority of your time is spent juggling numerous tasks, responsibilities, and necessary obligations for others, you'll be delighted to know that your private session with me will be a spiritual and emotional oasis—in which all of our time and attention is focused directly on you and your priorities. What can you expect in a private session with me? I begin by asking your name and age, and I ask for the email or mailing address of where you'd like me to send the recording of the session. Recording is vital because what I share in a private session is your information and it belongs to you. It is very important to have a record of not only what was said, but how it was said. And, recording also means that you will not be forced to take dictation, which is labor-intensive and distracting. My sessions are geared toward relieving stress and anxiety...not creating more! After you choose the type of recording, I begin our session. I speak very quickly in order to share as much valuable information as possible. You can ask as many questions as you choose in our time together—about the topics that you desire—and we can also open the floor to Spirit and allow them to share what they would like to discuss. I allow you to decide. All of my sessions are conducted with the utmost confidentiality. I am trusted by clients who are corporate executives, politicians, attorneys, judges, physicians, entrepreneurs, financial advisers, teachers, members of the F.B.I. and Secret Service, radio and TV talk show hosts, psychics and mediums, as well as celebrities who know that whatever we discuss in session...remains in session! Catherine Lanigan, the best-selling author of Romancing the Stone and Jewel of the Nile, states in her blockbuster book, Angel Watch: "I felt as if I'd been out of step all my life and Kim O'Neill had been chosen to put me back on track." If, like Catherine, you are searching for the secret to developing the most wonderful quality of life possible, I am here to serve you.