December 2015 – Ask Kim Column

Dear Kim: My question is about my two grandchildren who live with me. Logan is always angry and sad, and he doesn’t know why. He has been this way all his life. Briana is very different from her brother, always happy and knows her own mind. She has a very strong personality. We have always wondered if she is a family member reincarnated. Can you tell me anything about the two children?
Donna C., 64, Chapala, Mexico

Dear Donna: It’s very intuitive of you to ask about reincarnation because Logan’s issues stem from traumas experienced in three past lives which he has no conscious awareness of. His destiny is to heal from these previous traumatic events while still a youngster and then develop a wonderful quality of life unburdened by the past. Although his angels are not healthcare providers, they recommend hypnosis to allow Logan to revisit the past, which would shed light on his issues of suspicion, impatience, fear, and self-protectiveness. The best time for his hypnosis would be after the age of 14. You are also spot-on about Briana; she is the reincarnated soul of a grandparent! Her angels tell me that this is her last lifetime on earth, and that throughout her long life she will heal, recharge, and inspire others with the luminous light that is reflected from her soul energy.


Dear Kim: Does your future change by prayer? I kept asking for the perfect guy to accept me for my flaws and my special needs son; I asked for resources to help with my son; and, to have some kind of peace with my ex-abuser husband. Well since last year, I reconnected with someone that I dated years ago from Arkansas. Recently he asked me to marry him and I accepted! This guy dropped everything in Arkansas and came to be with me in Texas about two months ago. We have set our date for Saturday, October 1, 2016 on a Texas beach. We both decided to stay in Texas. I am hoping that it will be the wedding of my dreams. Ralphel has been a huge help with my son. My son adores him. Every resource I needed for my son started in February of this year and has continued with lots of support from Autistic and ADHD agencies in Texas. My ex-husband heard of my fiancé via telephone prior to his move to Texas and my ex had no problem until he moved here. My fiancé, Ralphel, told my ex that he should respect me and my choices and his as well. After that pep talk my ex has respected me in ways that I could have never imagined. I feel like I am finally floating on cloud 9! The more I pray it comes. My question is: Was there a shift in my life that allowed the flood gates of blessings to flow this year? (Readers, this recent update was emailed to me just prior to writing the column: My ex has decided to try to take my son away with the courts. I have a hearing on the 19th. He doesn’t want me to marry Ralphel, and he has started to fight with Ralphel.)
Rebecca M., 29, Houston, TX

Dear Rebecca: Prayers reflect an individual’s goals, dreams, level of awareness, spiritual maturity, and sense of entitlement. Simply put, when we are praying for something that is actually a part of our destiny, and we have earned what we are praying for through hard work on our issues, and it is within the perfect timing of the universe, things can happen very quickly—like a miraculous domino effect. Your life has gone through a major shift because you’ve done the spiritual work and you are reaping the rewards. Ralphel is a romantic soul mate and you are destined to share a very happy life together. Ex-hubby has suddenly realized that he cannot control you any longer and is using your son as a pawn to make your life miserable, which he’ll continue as long as he can. It is extremely unlikely that he’ll be able to gain custody of your son. Stay your course by addressing whatever nincompoopery ex-hubby throws your way, and enjoy the two wonderful men in your life. Try not to allow your ex to rob you of the joyful, secure, abundant life you have earned.


Dear Kim: I’ve been in a relationship for 23 years and can’t seem to find out why we cannot be together under the same roof. I asked that question to the partner (but) he cannot give me a clear answer. I am hoping that what’s going thru my head is not that. Can you help me figure it out? That would be a great help to me.
Josette M, 64, Queens, NY

Dear Josette: I’m receiving a very forthright angelic response. Your partner IS giving you a clear answer through his actions. He has made it clear that he prefers to live in a separate household and that is what he continues to choose. Your relationship will not progress outside of what you have now. If you want more, your angels recommend that you break up with your current beau and seek out another partner.