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Communicating with Angels CD

Communicating With Your Angels CDWelcome to my Communicating With Your Angels private coaching session! In just one hour, you'll learn how your angels are already sharing important messages and how you can build your inborn ability to better hear what they're trying to communicate. I created this CD to help you begin to make immediate improvements in your life by developing a closer, more productive relationship with the angels who are dedicated to helping you create a life of your dreams.

58 Minutes: $14.95

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Finding your Romantic Soul Mate CD

Are you tired of dead end relarionships? Are you yearning to meet that special person with whom you could share a heart, mind, body, and soul relationship? How can you tell if a romantic soul mate is part of your destiny? In this hour-long private coaching session, I'm sharing what I've discovered in my work as a channel that has guided me and many of my clients toward manifesting true, sustaining love. Learn the secrets of attracting the person who is perfect for you!

60 Minutes: $14.95

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Communicating with Departed Loved Ones CD

Do you miss a loved one who has crossed over to the heavenly plane? In this private coaching session, I'll help you develop your sensitivity to the presence of departed loved ones, and I'll also share my simple technique that can allow you to build your ability to communicate with them. Learn how to reconnect with those you love who now exist--fully alive--in another dimension. I've conducted mediumship sessions for over twenty-five years and I created this CD to help you build your own skills.

71 Minutes: $14.95

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