Psychic Says She Can Communicate with Unborn Babies

How Your Angels Help You Discover Your Soul Purpose

Are you aware that the secret to creating inner peace and happiness is directly linked to carrying out your spiritual destiny? Think of destiny in terms of a spiritual to-do list. You are currently living on the earthly plane to accomplish a very specific set of goals and objectives that you planned while you were still in heaven.…

Do You Know Your Truth?

April Edition

“A knower of the truth does what is called for, then stops. S/he uses personal strength but does not force things. In the same way, complete your task, seek no reward, and make no claims.”

~Tao Te Ching 30

In my private sessions and during workshops, people often ask how they can get more in touch with their inner voice, which is the voice of the soul.…

How to Remain Resolved

March Edition

Over the last month I’ve received a number of emails from readers about accomplishing the January/February goal of cleaning and reorganizing one big problem area. I’m amazed at the incredible efforts made in bedrooms, basements, kid’s play rooms, attics, offices, outside storage areas, and even garages!…