April 2017 – Ask Kim

Dear Kim:  You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I think my new dorm room is haunted. This is my third year at this school and nothing like this has ever happened before. When I’m in a dead sleep, soft moaning sounds, like crying, wake me up—but when I look around the room, no one is there but my roommate who is always sound asleep. This is really scaring me and it’s happening more and more. I’m in pre-med; am I losing it because of all the stress? Am I just imaging the sounds?
M.M., 21, Boston, MA 

Dear M.M.: The sounds are very real so you can rest assured that you are not “losing it”. The source of the sounds is not a spirit. Your roommate is the culprit and the moaning sounds are coming from her phone which she has under the covers when she pretends to be asleep. She thinks it’s funny and wants to embarrass you by filming your frightened half-asleep reaction on her phone in the hopes that it will go viral. Let her know that you are on to her and she will stop what she thinks is a hilarious prank. It’s time to move to another dorm room.


Dear Kim:  After twenty five years of working for the same company, I was fired right before I was eligible to retire with full benefits. My boss told me it was for insubordination, but because the environment was so dysfunctional and nasty, I hardly ever opened my mouth and always did what was expected of me. I’ve been to see an attorney who is reviewing whether or not I have a lawsuit. My question to you is: doesn’t everything happen for a reason? If so, why did this happen to me? I’m a widow and I raised my kids alone…and I always believed that if I stayed at that horrible company year after year, that it would have been worth it just so that I could retire with my benefits—and things would finally be easier. I’m really shocked. What do I do now?
Ellen K., 65, Naperville, IL   

Dear Ellen: The reason behind your unjust termination was to fuel your determination to stand up to your boss as his spiritual teacher (after all the years of turning the other cheek) and force him to address his issue of accountability, which is claiming full responsibly for his words and actions. Just as you have always reminded your children about being responsible for what they do and say, now your old boss is one of your spiritual students. Going to an attorney was key in getting your boss’s attention. Your angels tell me that it is extremely likely that you will be successful in reinstating your retirement benefits. And then, you can begin the next chapter of your life as an artist, creating unique crafts that you will eventually sell…which has been a long-standing dream. It’s truly fascinating how being wrongfully fired was actually destined to accomplish two things: teaching your boss about accountability in a way he couldn’t ignore, and providing the major springboard in launching one of your most precious goals.


 Dear Kim:  I’m sick and tired of living in ice and snow! I’m in outside sales and I plan to look for another job in a warmer climate. I’m single and I can move wherever I want. What areas do my angels recommend?
Alan P., 31, Minneapolis, MN 

Dear Alan:  Your angels recommend Miami, Florida. You would love the climate, living on the water, the informality of lifestyle, the Cuban-inspired cuisine, and a full, exciting social life. In your new job, you’d be able to earn substantially more income and enjoy a much higher level of financial security. Eventually, your angels are going to guide you into investing in, and co-owning, what will become one of the most popular restaurants in the city. And, this is the perfect time to make the move!